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It might seem like I’m always doing something, no? What can I say… I like to keep busy! But seriously, I spent so long dreaming about moving to London that now I’m here I feel like I owe it to my-younger-self to make the most of being in the city. When I lived in the sticks back home I couldn’t really get to events, talks or gigs because it meant catching a bus for 30mins that leaves every 30minutes to then get a train for 2 hours.

But anyway, enough moaning about being a country bumpkin… I love being able to go to things now! I always get asked how/where I find out about all of these things that are happening by people at work. Mostly I find out about things via twitter or newsletters – I don’t like to be signed up to every newsletter because getting emails every second annoys me, but I’m learning which are the best ones to stay subscribed to! Sometimes there are heads-up/insider emails before the mad rush, but most of the time you just have to be prepared, quick and lucky. Here are a few people that you should follow on twitter for the latest updates on talks and events:

@Protein – Producing a Journal and providing a gallery space in Shoreditch (Now called Studio 2)
@sbf1891  – St Brides printing library is the host of the #TypeTuesday talks, as well as a lot of other print related events.
@shesaysuk – She Says offer free talks, events and meet ups to help women further their careers in the digital creative industries. They ALWAYS sell out within 1 minute – that’s how amazing they are!
@thisisYCN – YCN offer opportunities and support to creatives by posting jobs, hosting talks and generally promoting creativity.
@BriteLondon – If you’re not signed up to Eventbrite then do it right now! A lot of events use Eventbrite so having an account means you’ll be signed in so you can get tickets without having to fill in your details every time. It eases the panic because I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes when typing in our address when there’s a time limit 🙂


You guys see the polished version of my posts, but what you DON’T see is the process of me ordering tickets! And it’s a good job too because I’m definitely not a cool cucumber. It takes 110% of my concentration – it’s like the rest of the room disappears and seconds feel like hours. You’ve got to be quick – as Chris Tarrant would say; fastest finger first! Especially with the She Says talks; I love going to them but because they are free only a small amount of tickets are available. Back in the earlier days it would be sold out but nobody turned up – that’s the curse of offering free tickets I guess.

The other month I shared the inside scoop about the Byron Burger club with the guys at work. Who’s going to say no to a free Byron burger!? If you’re not familiar with how it works; Byron release a few tickets for each branch in the UK and you can only order 1 ticket each. I set an alarm so that I didn’t forget, but everyone was watching the clock anyway; ‘3 minutes!’… ‘1 minute!’…. ‘Go! Go!’ So there were 8 of us all trying to get a burger at the same restaurant. We almost broke the studio internet! Sadly only 4 of us managed to get a ticket and in two different restaurants, but what tastes better than a burger? A free Byron burger 🙂


If you don’t get excited about free burgers (WHO ARE YOU?) then I’m sure you will have experienced a similar feeling thanks to Ebay. You know when you’ve been watching something on Ebay but you definitely don’t bid until the last 60 seconds of the auction!? It’s like a rush of adrenaline – gambling in a way. Am I going to win? Refresh page Should I up my bid by 50p? Refresh page NOOOO they’ve upped their bid with 3 seconds to go! It’s over!


Thinking about it now, I’ve actually had quite a lot of practice in my 25 years. From ebaying to gig tickets; I used to be on edge every year around the eve of the Reading Festival ticket release. For 4 years in a row my friends would gather at one house, and each with our own computer eagerly wait for 9am. And when the clock struck 9, absolute pandemonium! We’d open multiple tabs, constantly refreshing them and carefully watching the loading bar slowly fill up. Back then there wasn’t a word for it, but now I’d say it’s FOMO – Fear of Missing out!


Here are some tips to help you keep your cool and FOMO under control::

  • Enjoy the adrenaline – it’s one of the safest ways to get a buzz!
  • Make it an experience – get your friends together and share in each other’s frustrations/joy/disappointment
  • If you’re online, make sure to close all programs and tabs, and open a new browser window to avoid your computer crashing.
  • Don’t be too gutted if you miss out – maybe it wasn’t meant to be
  • Don’t give up – most ticket websites have a processing system meaning that tickets are reserved for a period of time (usually 10mins) but if the checkout is not completed they are rereleased. Have a bit of patience, wait 10 minutes, hit refresh and keep your fingers crossed!
  • Keep an eye out on social media – sometimes tickets for sold out events are offered in competitions on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • The world at your fingertips – Maybe someone has a ticket but can’t go anymore or a spare ticket? Their loss is your gain, so put some feelers out on twitter etc. with appropriate hashtags
  • Keep your cool and get 24 hour priority – Several brands offer pre-sale tickets as one of their customer perks. Barclaycard, O2 priority moments and Vodafone VIP.

But it’s not all serious, so swap that concentration face for a smile and LOL at Jason Manford’s kicking  FOMO into place:

So #TodayIWill beat FOMO! How are you going to beat FOMO this summer?


  • This post is sponsored by Barclaycard but as always all opinions and tips are my own! *

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