The Pantone Postcard Project @ St Brides Library

I’m a bit behind, (better late than never) but the other week I popped into St Brides Library with Soofiya and Sara to see Emily Martin’s Pantone Postcard Project. (I think it’s finished now, but wanted to share it with you guys anyway!)



The 100 postcards, mainly contributed from creatives in the USA, were displayed in colour order creating a rainbow. Both the front and back were on show, showcasing the stamps and messages from participants.

IMG_2664 IMG_2663

A variety of mediums had been used to create a design relating to the pantone colour/name; sewing, collage, drawing, stamping and cutting.

IMG_2662IMG_2667 IMG_2659

I loved the pea green submission – lovely letterpress!

We even spotted a rogue entry from a lady who missed the deadline but wanted to join in anyway:


Whilst taking a photo of Soof, I noticed that her head scarf matched the array of orange Pantones. We then decided to try and colour match our outfits to see which Pantone we were wearing:



What do you think – Warm grey 2 for my top maybe?


My necklace was definitely a Pantone 394 match!

It was a small exhibition but a really nice idea, and something I would love to have been involved in. Maybe I’ll do my own postcard project… (not really, I think I had enough of that organising Auction 13 at University!) Well done to Emily and the 100 creatives that took part 🙂 If you’re interested in books and printing you should visit St Brides – the building itself is beautiful and they also hold lots of designery talks and workshops (remember the Something to Say talks that I went to back in 2012?).

Happy Friday 🙂


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