Print Club London Summer Screen Prints 2015


Last year I posted about Print Club London’s Summer Screen Prints 2014 exhibition at Somerset House, and one year on I was looking forward to being back for 2015’s poster collection! Accompanied to the opening night by Lucy and Natalie (Team LuNa Creatives), I wasn’t surprised to find the exhibition space buzzing with admirers:



From the psychedelic (An American Werewolf in London by Steve Wilson)…



… to the typographic (Do The Right Thing by Rose Stallard), the photographic (True Romance SOLD OUT Red edition by Cassandra Yap – now available in Pink):


(Yes, this is a photo of someone taking a photo of some sunglasses, wearing sunglasses!)


… to the whimsical (Gemma Bovery by Lucille Clerc) – the range of execution and illustration styles is great. All of the contributing creatives work in very different ways, but are all united by their ideas and love of film. I’ll be honest, I only recognised 3 of the film poster titles (Silence of The Lambs, West Side Story and The Graduate) because I’ve basically not seen any films  – I’ve always been more of a music person. All of the films are being shown at Somerset House with Film4 throughout the summer, although most screenings are sold out…


And I guess it wouldn’t be a celebration of film without some popcorn – Propercorn’s crazy flavours were on hand to test our taste buds, with sour cream and black pepper catching my eye. I’m definitely still a sweet & salted girl through and through – you just can’t go wrong with it!


Save the best ’til last, right? My favourite poster was the beautiful West Side Story by Rose Blake – whose E.T. was my favourite poster last year. I just love her style – the colour palette, the detailing, just everything is perfect!


Again, a great exhibition from Print Club London and all of the contributing artists and designers – well done guys and thanks for having me! Remember, what I’ve shown here is only a snippet of the work on show so make sure you head to Somerset House and check out the 10+ other posters. The exhibition is FREE and open daily 10am-6pm until 23rd August, so plenty of time for you to make it down.

As per last year, the posters (that haven’t sold out) are available to buy from the exhibition shop at Somerset House or the Print Club London website. Which posters caught your eye? Do you agree on my favourite, or do you prefer another poster? Let me know 🙂


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