#The100DayProject: Global Meet Up in LDN



Just over a month after the ‘end’ of #The100DayProject and the guys at The Great Discontent have announced some global meet ups. An opportunity for like-minded people to get together and celebrate our achievement, I was looking forward to meeting other Londoners who had been undertaking the challenge.

When the email arrived I scoured the list for a London meet up, only to discover that it didn’t exist… there wasn’t a meet up anywhere in the UK! I know that #The100DayProject was started by and mainly run in America but seriously… ‘How could this happen?!’ I thought to myself and emailed the guys at The Great Discontent to see what the deal was. A few emails later and I’d managed to talk myself/ my way into co-hosting the London meet up – how exciting!


(Just wanted to include that to remind myself how amazingly well my #100daysoftriangles went hehe)

On Wednesday 2nd September the lovely Andrea (#100DaysIsThatYourFinal) & I will be hosting the London meet up. If you have undertaken or are still working on #The100DayProject and live in London/are free to travel to London come and meet us! It would be amazing to put faces to Instagrams and I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people.

All of the meet up details can be found on #The100DayProject: London event page. Get RSVP’ing and I’ll see you then 🙂


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