Stockholm: The Vlog

Back in May I took Jack to Stockholm, Sweden for a Birthday treat. We didn’t really take that many photos but I filmed quite a bit and 3 months later… voila – I have finally got around to editing a vlog! So come along on our Swedish adventure and I’ll include some photos after the video so scroll down 🙂



We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb apartment which was what you’d call ‘typical’ Scandi-style; minimal with carefully curated pieces of art and design – it made me want to go home and get rid of all my clutter! Although everything inside was white and bright, it was definitely a different story on the outside; I was really surprised by the rainbow of buildings. But the surprises didn’t end there…


Stockholm was full of surprises; stairways carved into the side of cliffs, a weird alcohol policy and these cute little house mailboxes:


During our trip we:
– visited Skansen (Swedish museum and zoo)
– visited the Vasa museum (17th Century ship)
– shopped
– went on the ferries
– had amazing ice cream
– observed Swedish culture
– got confused about the money
– sussed out the alcohol shop situation
– mainly wandered the streets

Overall, we had a great time exploring an alien culture.

Have you been to Stockholm? What did you get up to? Or maybe you’re planning a trip? Let me know 🙂


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