Coffee culture

It’s a popular cliche that designers run on caffeine – design is apparently fuelled by coffee. Or tea. There are thousands of twitter and blog bios out there declaring their love for tea. ‘Tea lover’ – can that really be one of the most interesting things about a person? Just so you know, I like both.

It’s just a drink; a murky brown liquid, but somehow it brings people together. Milk and two sugars, builder’s brew or straight black – these details cause debate in a studio. So what better way to debate than over cake and coffee for a great cause?


Natalie, middleweight Graphic Designer at my studio, organised a Macmillan coffee morning. With goodies baked by the studio and two cafetieres of Hope & Glory coffee co. we had ourselves a little taste test; Ethopian Qorema or Kenya Gathongo.


Sometimes it’s just nice to take 30mins for a cuppa and chat about non-work related things. We didn’t manage to finish all of the cake, but we did raise over £200 for Macmillan – woo! What a great feeling! And about the coffee; it was a 50:50 split although I preferred the Kenyan blend.

Have you done a good deed recently? Maybe you’re having a Macmillan coffee morning?


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