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Working in a design studio, you see all kinds of things arrive; paper, wood flooring, metals, tiles and more. When a parcel from All Colour Envelopes arrived in the studio, I didn’t expect it to cause such a stir. I’m used to Graphic Designers geeking out about stationery, but everyone was so excited by the shiny, glittery and bright colours. This is one for all of you stationery nerds out there…



Ahhh – how much do you love stationery!? Everyone says that traditional letters and print are dying out as our world is so digital nowadays, but it’s so refreshing and special to receive something physical. With such a variety of sizes, colours and finishes there’s something for every occasion; teeny-weeny envelopes for cute notes…



… cool string and washer fastening envelopes in classic colours (parcel brown, black and red), as well as an amazing array of coloured bubble packets in matte, shiny metallic and even holographic:


I think it was the bubble packets that caused the most commotion – usually it’s the standard parcel brown or white that arrive at your door, but for something special these are perfect.


After about 20 mins of playing around with the envelopes, it was back to work (boo!).

Whether you’re looking for something to send your wedding invites or hand written notes, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it with All Colour Envelopes! In a digital age it’s the small details that make traditional post stand out, so put a smile on someones face and send a hand written letter – that’s my plan anyway…

When was the last time you sent a note or letter via post?


This post is in collaboration with All Colour Envelopes but all opinions and enthusiasm for envelopes is my own!


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