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There’s nothing quite like flicking through a fashion magazine on a Sunday morning; Instagrammable fashion, Pinterest worthy scenery and the feeling of paper between your fingers. But there’s more to those glossy fashion magazine pages than meets the eye: Photo shoots costing thousands of pounds, hours in planning and production, and then there’s the retouching afterwards too! What do you do with magazines after you’ve read them? Do they just collect dust in your room? Filled with inspiration, it’s a shame to close the cover with the pages never to see light again. I’m sure you’d agree that all of that amazing photography deserves to be appreciated, and so I set myself a little challenge…


With just Porter magazine, a pair of scissors and my imagination, I wanted to get creative and give the fashion photography a new twist. I’m not a seasoned collag-ist (if that’s a term) like the amazing Laura of Cardboard Cities, but I gave it my best…

IMG_3628B IMG_3654 IMG_3709

Flicking through Porter, I was drawn to shapes and textures with juxtaposition in mind. Using both the positive and negative space from the cut outs, I played with the contrast of human against nature as well as scale. When it comes to collage, sometimes less is more; e.g. simply contrasting a black and white image with a colour floral texture.

IMG_3732 IMG_3737B IMG_3748

I’ll admit that maybe I wasn’t too ambitious with these, but I’m hoping I’ll get better with practice so bring on the next issue already!

Going back to basics with collaging is a brilliant way to stretch the imagination and step away from our screens – there’s no undo button once you’ve made a cut eeek! The possibilities are endless though; whether your vision is whimsical or abstract, minimal or detailed, everyone can produce a unique piece!

So be brave and bold – create something new from something old.

Fancy trying your hand at collage? Treat yourself to a subscription of Porter magazine for inspiration and don’t forget to share your collages too!


This post is in collaboration with, but all collages and creativity is 100% my own!

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