New Perspectives in Typography

New Perspectives in TypographyNew Perspectives in Typography

A lot of people don’t realise it, but typography makes the world go round… where would we be without communication? Whether you know your bowls from your counters (hello all type nerds) or have no idea what a tittle is (it’s the dot on top of an i btw), you subconsciously engage with typography every day of your life.

It’s on your milk in the morning, it helps you on your commute to work and you’re reading it now. Typography is so important! Developed from marks made by our ancestors, letterforms have already changed so much over hundreds of years but there’s no sign of slowing yet. New methods, shapes and styles are created by designers across the globe everyday as our world continues to change in a digital age. With a striking fluorescent green book jacket, Type: New Perspectives in Typography is a study of the past, present and future edited by A2/SW/HK:

New Perspectives in TypographyNew Perspectives in Typography

It includes a look at all of your iconic favourites like Zang Tumb Tumb and Octavo magazine (which I spent about a year searching my University library for!), before moving through to design from the ‘recent past’:

New Perspectives in Typography

Including the amazing woodblock maps by Alan Kitching contrasted with these modern, minimal and bold posters…

New Perspectives in TypographyNew Perspectives in Typography

… and these rainbow-esque playful posters. Other than the odd shape and the use of colour, these pieces are pure typography and communicate solely through the words and the typographical details: sizing, font, case (upper or lower), hierarchy, composition and repetition.

Since first seeing the Whitney branding, I’ve been intrigued by the way that the logo (basically a W) can change but still be recognisable as the Whitney. How typography can change and adapt, whilst keeping the core values and ideas.New Perspectives in Typography

And then it gets very experimental, with an injection of florals thanks to Marion Bantjes:

New Perspectives in Typography

But really, you can make typography from anything. Your handwriting is typography and can say a lot about a person. Now that we are so comfortable and confident with letterforms, we can push the boundaries of typography, using linear simplicity…

New Perspectives in Typography New Perspectives in Typography

… and the human form. Because why not; the possibilities are endless. I am so fascinated by language and letters – do fonts even have to be legible nowadays? I can’t wait to look back in 50 years and reminisce about the good old days when everyone hated Comic Sans, over used Lobster to a cringey level and defaulted to Helvetica to appear cool and understated.

If you’re interested in the future of communication/typography Type: New Perspectives in Typography should be on your t0-read list. Luckily you won’t have to wait too long as it’s available to buy from 28th September (next week) – woo! Who’s keen to get their hands on a copy?



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