Baddeley Brothers: An East London Printing Story

What better way to start the weekend than by sharing some lovely print?

A couple of weeks ago it was the launch of the Baddeley Brothers’ book at St Bride Library. Unfortunately I was ill so I couldn’t make it (and I was gutted because I would have been able to interview David Pearson!), however the Baddeley Brothers kindly sent me a copy of the book so I could still enjoy it from my sick bed.

Baddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers Printing

A clothbound beauty, the Baddeley Brothers book is not only a book about printing (with some beautiful examples of their foiling and embossing techniques), but the story of a family. Established in 1859, the East London based printing business has passed down through several generations and is still going strong today!

Baddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers Printing

With a rich history dating back over 300 years, I don’t want to give too much away but the Baddeley family tale is an interesting one. With design by David Pearson, the story and craft is brought to life.

Baddeley Brothers Printing

The tip-ins contain a variation of printing processes with quotes about printing/creativity;
‘Everyone loves a piece of paper, they always have done’
‘Any craftsman gets satisfaction from doing what he does’

Baddeley Brothers Printing Baddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers Printing

‘A cup of tea with Chris and Charles Pertwee’, the Baddeley descendants who run the business today includes some lovely sketches of printing in action by Lucinda Rogers.

And for the printing geeks, you’ll find an anatomy of envelopes and A-Z of printing & paper terminology at the back. Also I should mention that the book smells amazing – I know I’m not the only book sniffer out there…

Baddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers PrintingBaddeley Brothers Printing

And last but not least, you probably noticed it in the background of my photos: a striking pull out map of London by Adam Dant so that you can reference and follow the story of the book. A lovely touch!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Baddeley story and/or print techniques, it’s a beautiful book available online. I think it’s brilliant that a family business is still thriving after all this time! Do you like the look of the book? Want to get your hands on it for a sniff? Let me know…


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