Stocking Fillers with Snapfish

With everyone focused on Christmas presents, I thought it was about time the stocking got some attention. I loved waking up and finding a stocking at the end of my bed when I was younger – a sign that Santa had been! Stocking fillers might be small, but that doesn’t make them any less important. And what better way to fill a stocking, then with some fun personalised things from Snapfish?

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

So how did I make them? With a little bit of imagination, some pens and Snapfish! You might remember that I made some other bits and bobs the other month (Learning to Doodle), so I wanted to make somethings for my lovely housemates:

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

I decided to draw letters in a monogram style, because you can’t go wrong with buying someone a present with their initial on. People just love it! So I drew one letter for each of my Housemates: E for Ellie, L for Lucy and N for Nadia!

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

After I’d scanned them in, I then applied them to the Snapfish products. I decided on a notebook, stickers and postcard for Lucy, and a notebook, postcard and mug for Ellie. The mug is a special colour changing one which is black when cold and reveals the design when a hot drink is poured in – I think she will like it 🙂

Snapfish Stocking Fillers Snapfish Stocking Fillers

For Nadia I chose a postcard and an iPhone 5 phone case. I had to change my pattern to fit this, making the Ns smaller and in a taller formation.

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

Overall I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out and I think they look quite good as a set – what do you think?

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

Oh and on the postcards; my idea was that they could be put into photoframes like a print:

Snapfish Stocking Fillers

Also if you’re feeling nosey, because I’m trying Vlogmas at the moment you can see behind the scenes: the making of the letters in Vlogmas Day 1 and the product photoshoot in Vlogmas Day 10 – enjoy!

So if you think these are a cool idea, get creative and get ordering – you’ll need to be quick to make sure that you receive your order before Christmas! Check the last order dates here (generally 17th December!).


This post is in collaboration with Snapfish, but all of my opinions are 100% honest & I wouldn’t share the products with you if I didn’t like them!

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