The Gift of Relaxation

I posted my Christmas Gift Ideas for Creatives last week, filled with lots of gifts for creatives to do, make and be inspired by. But what I’m learning (since being a lady of ‘leisure’ for two weeks) is that sometimes having a quiet moment to yourself is just as important as keeping busy. Time to think, ponder, explore thoughts and ideas… AND science backs up why some of our best ideas come in the shower. So if that’s not an excuse to give the gift of relaxation, I don’t know what is!

With this in mind, I’d like to encourage EVERYONE to get scrubbing, and here are a few things that will help the ideas flow:


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It helps if you have a bath, because Lush bath bombs are… the bomb. (Do people still say that? It feels a bit 90s, but it works!) And I mean, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when the golden egg wouldn’t open, a bath was the answer! My favourite is Golden Wonder, which turns the water into a magical blue lagoon with glitter and stars (click the link to see). But if you don’t have a bath, then a shower with The Comforter will still do the trick. Lush do an amazing selection of gift sets all year round, but especially at Christmas 🙂

There’s nothing more annoying than stealing 15 minutes of quiet and calm in your bathroom to hear traffic beeping/your neighbour shouting/ your housemate singing. For me, the best way to zone out is to listen to Chilled Ibiza. It might be an album from 2000, but seriously, give it a try with the Youtube Playlist above or purchase from Amazon. Slip into something more comfortable is an absolute tune! I feel like I’m watching the sunset in Ibiza, and then my water is cold and I remember I’m in my bathroom in London. It was nice whilst it lasted anyway…

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So we’ve already talked about getting those amazing ideas in the shower, but there’s nothing worse than having a lightbulb moment and then losing it. The way to avoid this situation is by having a notebook handy so you can jot everything down there and then. The only problem is that paper isn’t showerproof (yet – maybe in a few years?), so why not get a mini whiteboard? (I found these online) Hook it onto the wall beside the bath/shower and write away. In the meantime, you could fill it with an inspiring quote whilst the ideas are brewing.

Hands up who’s feeling inspired? I’m off to run a bath… let the ideas flow!


This post is in collaboration with Mira Showers but all enthusiasm about relaxation and creativity is 100% my own!

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