Goody Goody Gift Swap 2015

Exactly one year ago today I shared my Goody Goody Gift Swap experience – well it’s that time again! After a successful gift swap in 2014, I was excited to take part again because it’s just great fun. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… Goody Goody Gift Swap is an international swap which happens around Christmas time. You are paired up with a swap mate, given a bit of information about each other and then make or buy a gift for them. Lovely jubbly!

This year I was paired with Katie who liked cats, sewing and teal. I decided that I wanted to make something sewing related, and found a tutorial by Lu Loves Handmade on how to make a cat shaped needle case. Purrrrfect 😉

Goody Goody Gift Swap
Goody Goody Gift Swap

I also bought a teal candle, Kilner mug, pegs and a star shaped Lush bath bomb. (But forgot to post the lip balm… sorry Katie!) If you’re keen to watch the making of the cat needle case, watch Vlogmas Day 16 here:



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Goody Goody Gift Swap Goody Goody Gift Swap

After Instagramming the hell out of it, I popped it to the post office and it was on it’s way to Katie. Just a couple of days later my gift from Katie arrived:

Goody Goody Gift Swap

Goody Goody Gift Swap

WWJD… What would Jesus drink? 😉 I carefully unwrapped my gifts to find a bracelet kit, a Lucie Ellen brooch and a star shaped Lush bath bomb (the same one that I had bought Katie actually! ha). I’ve already used the bath bomb and I absolutely love the brooch – I came across Lucie Ellen at Renegade Craft Fair last month and all of her things are so nice!

Goody Goody Gift Swap Goody Goody Gift Swap Goody Goody Gift Swap

Thanks to Katie for being my swap mate and also to Jenna who runs the swap. Yet again, another successful Goody Goody Gift Swap!

Are you going to sign up for 2016? Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter for a prompt on registering around the end of November 2016. Or maybe you took part this year? Let me know and share your swap results with me 🙂

This is my last post before Christmas now so I hope you all have a lovely day spending time with your loved ones – Merry Christmas!


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