GF Smith: Gmund Applied Launch

What do you get when you put paper, German sausages, tankards of free beer & designers in one room? A mess, usually… but when GF Smith launched their new Gmund Applied paper range last week it was perfekt, as the Germans might say.

I’ve been to these kinds of launches before – there’s usually a design display, free booze and circles of designers talking typefaces (oh, how stereotypical I know!) which is cool because you know me; I LOVE talking. So when Jess & I arrived at the address and found ourselves outside Bierschenke, a German bar, I started to get a feeling that this was going to be slightly different to usual.

Greeted by sign writing legend Mike Meyer hard at work, I was pretty excited for the night ahead…

GF Smith Gmund Applied LaunchGF Smith Gmund Applied LaunchGF Smith Gmund Applied Launch

Naturally, after filling special GF Smith branded tankards with some tasty German bier, Jess & I got stuck in with the festivities – hand painted names by Mike as well as printing and embossing with the guys from Downey printers. (Who I had emailed for a quote on a print job a few months ago!) P.S. sorry for the bad photos – too much beer and not enough light.

GF Smith Gmund Applied Launch

It’s pretty hungry work operating machinery, so when massive platters of sausages & mash/chips were delivered via lederhosen, we downed tools and embraced the German way. OH MY. It tasted so good!

Geeking out over paper + free beer + typography + printing + sausages = an amazing night. No wonder that the atmosphere was great and everyone was having a brilliant time!

GF Smith Gmund Applied LaunchGF Smith Gmund Applied Launch

As always, the GF Smith branding & design was on point and the paper range itself is pretty beautiful too btw. I know that a lot of people won’t understand the hype about the paper, but it really makes all the difference to a printed project. The paper and finishes can transform a design/ book/ business card from amateur to beautiful. You don’t have to go over the top with finishes to create something that everyone can appreciate (although don’t try and tell me you don’t like some shiny foil, magpie!) as the old saying goes; ‘less is more’.

GF Smith Gmund Applied Launch

At the end of the night everyone left with a fancy fluoro yellow Gmund swag bag including cute little notecards (robots or sugar skulls) from Downey and a sampler of the new paper range. What a great night! Thanks to the GF Smith team for having me and feeding my paper addiction. Don’t forget to check out the GF Smith ranges –  y’know that some of their papers are stocked in Paperchase(the Tottenham Court Road Flagship anyway)?

Hands up if you understand where I’m coming from on the paper excitement… don’t leave me hanging!



  • Nital

    24/03/2016 at 12:35 pm

    My hand is up on the paper excitement! Loved reading about this. Sounds like it was a great evening. 🙂

    • Natasha Nuttall

      24/03/2016 at 6:23 pm

      Wooop! Thanks for reading and sharing the paper passion Nital 🙂 Yes, I think every event should involve design and food – it’s a dream duo! ha

  • Rowan

    24/03/2016 at 6:00 pm

    Looks like such a fun night, and I’m most certainly with you on the paper excitement!

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