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Growing up, there were a few things that just weren’t cool; braces, doing your homework on time and wearing glasses.

All of my glasses-wearing friends were so excited to ditch their frames for contact lenses. I’d say that things are pretty different now: wearing glasses is cool. A beard, a pair of glasses and a fedora and its as if you’ve sauntered straight outta Shoreditch! Specs aren’t purely functional anymore. They’re a fashion accessory too – you can’t be a hipster without a pair.

It was a simple thing like struggling to read Bus numbers from a distance that made me decide it was time to get my eyes checked out. I had an eye test at the end of University (so almost 3 years now), but before then I can’t remember ever having an eye test – isn’t that bad? We only get one pair of eyes in life, so it’s important to look after them! There are many Graphic Designer stereotypes which I won’t entertain (well, I’m still working on that beard), but wearing glasses is one that I’m open to…

Specsavers Blogger Review

I booked myself in for an eye test at Specsavers (free thanks to a voucher offer on their website) expecting the worst… I’d heard stories about puffs of air into the eye and hot air balloons, but the Specsavers test wasn’t scary at all. The optician was a really cool guy, and luckily my test didn’t show any big problems with my eyes. My sight has slightly deteriorated, but I spend most of my time looking at a computer screen so it didn’t come as a surprise. With this in mind, I was advised that wearing glasses for screen would be a good idea.

And then the fun began! In a shop surrounded by 1000+ pairs of glasses, I knew this was going to take a bit of time…

Specsavers Blogger ReviewSpecsavers Blogger Review

After trying on about 50 pairs, I had whittled it down to just (ha) 7 pairs so now it was time for the sudden death round. It was pretty hard because every pair had something quirky about them, but when I looked at them overall I had picked roughly the same shape in either black or brown.

With the help of Lucy, Jess and Jack (I had a whole entourage… what a diva, I know), I was able to quickly narrow it down to my top 2 pairs. I’d definitely recommend you take a friend (or two) with you when you go to try glasses on as you’re probably going to think you look weird in every pair. Plus it’s handy to have someone hold your chosen options.

Specsavers Blogger ReviewSpecsavers Blogger ReviewP3130133

A bit like an X Factor final, we all voted for our favourite pair (Jack was definitely Simon Cowell ha) and  unlike X Factor, we all agreed! Say Hello to my new specs – Amalia from the Osiris range at Specsavers:

Specsavers Blogger ReviewSpecsavers Blogger ReviewSpecsavers Blogger Review

I’m really happy with my choice; I feel intelligent, pretty cool AND I can see perfectly!

My first hurdle was finding glasses that didn’t look too big for my small face – a lot were either too wide or covered most of my face. The next consideration was shape; I’d never thought about my face shape but it’s super important when looking at glasses – even the shape of your eyebrows will affect the overall look. I tried on some Harry Potter-esque round frames and WOW, I looked like a complete idiot.

Specsavers Blogger Review Specsavers Blogger Review

Last but not least, I thought about the colour. I tried on a range of ‘crazy’ coloured and clear frames, but being the practical girl that I am, I was probably always going to choose black as it goes with everything! The Amalia frames are mainly black, but with a twist; they have some clear flecks which kind of give a marble-vibe. Thinking about it now, it makes them the perfect blogger cliche.

So what do you think? Do you think they suit me? (Say yes or else!)

Specsavers Blogger ReviewSpecsavers Blogger Review

I’m still getting used to them, but I’m super happy with my new look and my newly improved eye sight.

Remember that if you’re spending a lot of time at a computer screen it’s important to take regular breaks and exercise your eyes by looking into the distance at least every 20 minutes! You can even get an app to help you keep your eyes fresh; meet eyeCare for Chrome. Clever, hey?


. This post is in collaboration with Specsavers, however all specs-related enthusiasm is 100% my own .


  • Amy

    01/04/2016 at 11:21 pm

    You look great in them!! I used to have squarish ones but then I realised I looked awful and the round ones definitely suit me better hah. I probably should wear them more though…

    • Natasha Nuttall

      08/04/2016 at 6:48 pm

      Awww thanks Amy <3 Yes you should definitely wear them more - I'm liking being a glasses wearer so far 🙂

  • Katie

    09/04/2016 at 8:39 pm

    That style really suits you! I wanted the cat eye style when I last went, but they just looked so ridiculous on my face. I actually have to buy from the teen/child section because my face is so narrow haha!

  • Jen Schmidt

    11/04/2016 at 3:16 pm

    Beautiful frames! Smart, chic, hip.

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