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Hands up if you like collecting nice looking things for inspiration or making mood boards…? Pinterest has been helping us with our desire to stay both inspired and organised at the same time. You can pin for any occasion; deciding on a new haircut, a halloween costume, redecorating your flat or planning a wedding (Apparently every girl has a secret wedding Pinterest board, but I don’t… yet). I often use the phrase ‘Pinterest-worthy’ to describe beautiful things such as flower arrangements or interior design – it’s the life you would aim for if you had enough time and money.

Back in my University days I loved Pinterest and would pin inspiration for my design projects, but then I lost the passion for it and my boards sat unloved for a fair while. Just before Christmas I decided to give them a bit of TLC; I re organised them into more specific categories and made them look pretty with new cover images and names. It might sound a bit sad, but it actually felt good to have a ‘good looking’ Pinterest account.

Pinterest isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you need a quick boost of inspiration, it is basically an online scrapbook of all of the most visually pleasing things from around the internet. It’s pretty handy for collaborating on projects too, as you can share boards and collate inspiration from several people!

Recently I reached 1000 followers on Pinterest, which isn’t really that great compared to some, but exciting because I get to have 1K instead of 998 or whatever – the small things! ha You can follow my account too if you’d like 😉 I’ve downloaded the app and am trying to inject a little bit of Pinterest into my life everyday to stay creative and inspired 🙂



Feeling the Pinterest love, I wanted to share the love and some of the inspiring Pinners that populate my Pinterest feed daily. I know there is some kind of algorithm at work on Pinterest nowadays, but I think it’s based on who you already follow and what you already pin (correct me if I’m wrong) so setting your feed up is still as important as ever.

So, here are 21 Pinners that will guarantee your feed is looking Pinterest-worthy:


Life Love Paper

I Am Ciara

Lotte Rivers



Emma Dime

Jess Wright


Lucy Everett

Annie Pancake

Cardboard Cities


Allison Skibicki

Corina Nika



Laine Fraser

Lana Belton



Amy Sia


Emma Liston


Caroline Tomlinson

Adriana Quintana

Jessica Safko

Hope you enjoyed getting lost in the world of Pinterest – I can spend hours at a time just soaking in all of the beautiful imagery! 🙂 Let me know your thoughts on Pinterest – do you like it? Or maybe you prefer good old fashioned scrap booking? And who are your favourite Pinners to follow? Share the love!


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  • Adam Holcroft

    13/04/2016 at 12:32 pm

    As a fellow Pinterest obsessive I can’t believe I was only following 5 out of your suggestions! That’s now been rectified, and you can find me at http://www.pinterest.com/papersheriff 🙂

    A trick I use is to like everything you want to pin and then each day pin around 20 things from your likes page, that way you can pin every day to be consistent without spending too much time searching for things!

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