Secret 7″ 2016 @ Sonos Studio

I don’t usually like to start the day with maths, but I felt like it is appropriate in this case… 7 tracks + 7 inches + 700 record sleeves = Secret 7 @ Sonos Studio. ALL OF THE 7s!

If you’re not familiar with Secret 7, where have you been? it’s a cool concept where anyone in the world can submit their interpretation of 7 selected songs as a 7 inch record sleeve. The team at Secret 7 then shortlist 700 anonymous submissions, celebrate the creativity by hosting an exhibition and then have a sale day where all proceeds go to a selected charity. It’s about music, creativity and supporting a great cause; for 2016 all proceeds will go to Amnesty International in the UK.

If you can’t make it down to Shoreditch you can actually view all 700 shortlisted sleeves via the Secret 7 gallery on their website… or you can continue reading 😉

Secret 7 Sonos StudioSecret 7s Sonos Studio

I met Emma and George, the chihuahua-sausage dog, for coffee at Modern Society (which is a super cool place) and culture in the form of the Secret 7 exhibition. I haven’t known Emma for long but this girl seems to just get me – we chatted about design, blogging and soaked in the inspiration. If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that all 700 submissions are unique considering they were inspired by the same 7 songs; that’s the beauty of creativity!

With 700 sleeves to admire, we spent a while just looking and discussing the creative process. I couldn’t resist including some of the sleeves in #100DaysofGraphique over on my Instagram too.

Oh, also I should mention that as all submissions are anonymous, you never know if you’re buying a sleeve by your friend’s friend OR Anthony Burrill…. well ok, so Anthony’s work is pretty iconic so I think we all might be able to spot his, but you get the idea! On sale day every sleeve is £50, so you might get ‘lucky’ or you might just buy an awesome sleeve – win win.

Secret 7 Sonos StudioSecret 7 Sonos Studio

Whilst perusing the sleeves I also filmed a vlog, so if you fancy pretending that you were in the room with us then give it a watch (or just for fun):

Secret 7 Sonos Studio

Originally 2016 was going to be the year that I finally submitted to Secret 7″… but again, it didn’t happen. But thankfully 6800 creatives are a lot more organised than me and DID submit their ideas and 700 amazing sleeves are lining the walls at Sonos studio until 1st May when the team will close the doors before opening them one final time for sale day (Monday 2nd May 2016).

FYI Emma & I made a pact (kind of) to make sure that we both submit if Secret 7 continues into 2017 so now that I have publicly declared it, it has to happen. That’s how these things work, no? I’ll be counting on you guys to remind me in a years time…

Secret 7 Sonos Studio

I’m sure you’ll agree that the Sonos studio space has a pretty cool vibe; light and airy with an industrial feel – gotta love those warehouse windows. As it’s also a studio I felt it’s the perfect place to house the exhibition this year, complete with a recording studio to record your own version of the songs.

Secret 7 Sonos StudioSecret 7 Sonos Studio

If you LOVE Emma’s doggy George as much as I do, then you need to watch that vlog for more George action. Not only is he cute, but a great conversation starter… not the sensible reason to get a dog, but a great excuse 😉

As I mentioned, the Secret 7 exhibition is open until 1st May when the doors will close for the last time before sale day on Monday 2nd May 2016. With all proceeds going to charity, it’s a great excuse to bag a great piece of design and support a great cause.

Have you popped into the Sonos studios in Shoreditch yet? Maybe you’ve got your eye on a sleeve? Let me know! I don’t know if I could pick just one…


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