As I mentioned in my last post… #The100DayProject is back for 2016! If you don’t remember, in 2015 I challenged myself with #100DaysofTriangles and it went quite well, (if I do say so myself) so no pressure for this year to go well then! After a lot of discussion on Twitter, for 2016 I have decided on #100DaysofGraphique:


What can you expect? The unexpected.  I actually am not sure myself, yet. My initial thoughts are graphic patterns, graphic design, graphic compositions and graphic colours. Basically I’m hoping it will be an insight into a creative life… that’s the plan anyway! Here’s what the first 15 days looks like (oldest at the bottom):

The 100 Day ProjectThe 100 Day Project The 100 Day Project

So far, it’s not been too bad pressure wise. I’ll admit that I did make a special trip to Shoreditch after work one evening to stock up on some cool things, but otherwise I’m taking it quite casually and trying to enjoy it rather than panic. I know a lot of others are panicking, but because I already have experience of the highs and lows of the project from last year I’m trying to stay sensible and support others. It is a tough challenge, but we’re 15% in now and everyone is doing so well. JUST 85 to go…

Also I wanted to share some of the other awesome #The100DayProject themes that some of my creative friends are undertaking:

#100DaysofInkedAstronomy – Kelly | #100DaysofLostMemories – Jess | #100DaysofInkedTerrariums – Becky | #100DaysofDrawingFaces2016 – Jo | #100Days0fWorldDance – June | #100DaysofFresh – Claire | #100DaysofGeos – Hails | #100DaysofTheColourPink – Han | #100DaysofAmpersands – Dani | #100DaysofPublicTransport – Laura | #100DaysofSurfacePattern – Amy | #100DaysofFlatlay – Hannah | #100DaysofNatureInked – Lauren | #100DaysofCuteCreatures – Lily | #100DaysofCurating – Kiera | #100DaysofStudioSnapShots – Sarah | #100DaysofPapercraft – Fin | #100DaysofTwo – Erin

I hope that you’re all enjoying at least one of the projects (even if it’s not your own) from around the world. If you find yourself struggling, just remember that it’s meant to be a fun project about learning and improving your creativity so the only person putting pressure on yourself to be ‘perfect’ is you. When you look back in 100 days you will be so proud to say ‘Yes, I did it!’, I promise you that 🙂

I’m here to motivate and support all #The100DayProject-ers because we’re all doing this together! Follow me on instagram to stay up to date with my progress – I post every morning around 7am at @natasha_nuttall 🙂



  • Hannah

    03/05/2016 at 10:14 am

    loving all your patterns so far! i can’t believe how many days we have left to do, my hand is going to be killin

  • erin

    03/05/2016 at 2:47 pm

    Ah, thank you so much for linking to mine (must upload todays picture at some point!). I’m now going to go and investigate all the others you’ve shared, because it’s all very, very exciting!

  • Amy

    04/05/2016 at 12:26 am

    Thank you so much for the list- and for adding me on there! (Must point out that the ‘cute creatures’ tag doesn’t link back! immediately drawn to this one of course.) You have a great eye for things so i always love seeing what you post. You might be interested in my sisters #100daysofsmallcreatures – she doesn’t blog but she’s studying animation at the moment! xxx

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