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Love travelling but hate being away from home? I’m sure you’ll have heard about airbnb, but have you stayed in one yet? This weekend (16th-19th June) airbnb are opening the door on one of the beautiful London apartments to showcase the airbnb experience. What’s it like being a guest in someone else’s home? Well, let’s find out:

airbnb #LiveThere Londonairbnb #LiveThere London

Firstly, what an amazing front door. I’ve walked past this house so many times before and never knew it was an airbnb option. Ding dong – I pressed the gigantic doorbell to enter and was greeted by a lovely host who explained I was welcome to explore the house and garden.

airbnb #LiveThere London

Before I take you on a tour of the house, I wanted to share something crafty:

airbnb #LiveThere Londonairbnb #LiveThere London

Look, I made this! Over the weekend airbnb have enlisted the help of some talented creative people to host workshops including cooking and paper cutting, like I did with Poppy from Poppy’s Paper cuts. Poppy was so so lovely (and funny) and it was quite relaxing and therapeutic to sit with strangers and just create.

airbnb #LiveThere London

As a Graphic Design graduate, I explained to Poppy that I did have some previous experience with a scalpel and cutting mat, and so she set me the task of cutting a very decorative purple pigeon. Definitely not like the pigeons we usually see in London, Poppy draws all of the illustrations and cuts everything by hand – I asked her about a cutting machine but this lady likes to do it herself!

airbnb #LiveThere Londonairbnb #LiveThere London

Starting from the inside with the smaller shapes, memories of my student days came flooding back to me – oh the memories of numb thumbs and near misses. I still have all of my fingers so I think I did pretty well considering I probably did all of my scalpel-ing at 3am fuelled by coffee.

airbnb #LiveThere London

Ok so for the rest of the house…. maybe you’d like to watch my vlog for the grand tour?

airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London

This particular apartment is a London townhouse in the heart of Shoreditch over 4 floors and with lots of character. Creaking floorboards, skylight views and lots of cool and interesting but homely touches.

I think that’s one of the best things about staying in an airbnb – you get a flavour of the person from the city, and they usually have some amazing art works, books and music. I’ve stayed in airbnbs in Stockholm, Sweden (watch the vlog) and Amsterdam, The Netherlands (watch the vlog) and both times really enjoyed the personal touches. It’s all about the culture for me anyway!

airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London

Isn’t it SO much better than a bog standard hotel?

airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London airbnb #LiveThere London

There was a guy making tea for visitors in the kitchen – if that’s not welcoming, I don’t know what is!? 🙂

Also, dotted through out the house the airbnb hosts had given their recommendations for food, culture and music – information that every visitor to London needs! You can sign up to be a host too btw…

airbnb #LiveThere Londonairbnb #LiveThere London
Are you going to be pushing that big button this weekend? There are lots of different events and workshops happening, so check out the schedule on the #LiveThere Facebook event page. Let me know if you visit & what you discover 🙂


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  • erin

    18/06/2016 at 9:09 am

    I love airbnb, but mainly because I love snooping round other peoples houses. I know that is weird but you can find out so much about people from what they own and the way they decorate and it fulfils some part of me that is so creepy.

    Your paper cut is so cute, I love that pigeon.

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