Designed in London Podcast: Episode 2

That’s right folks, Designed in London: the Podcast is BACK! It feels like its been forever since we recorded the first episode on 3rd year & graduation, when in reality it was just over a month ago. But anyway, we headed to the South Bank to record our latest episode to discuss…

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So what are we talking about in Episode 2?

Well there’s only one way to find out – give it a listen! Alongside the usual chit-chat (does anyone know the meaning of Jammy? If not, listen and learn), we are discussing our first steps into the design industry. Touching on our first internships and jobs, Sherida, Soofiya & I are back with more anecdotes and honesty to make you laugh, cry and/or cringe.

Did you say that you recorded at the Southbank? Yes, how very scenic. What you’re picturing: The 3 of us watching the sun set whilst over looking the Thames with a glass of something chilled. The reality: The 3 of us huddled on a concrete stairway at the abandoned Hayward Gallery, complete with suspicious smell and stains. What can I say; it’s a glamorous life we lead.

P.S. If you couldn’t guess from the montage below, Sherida is the coolest/ best in front of a camera, whereas Soof & I resort to pulling faces.



We still have so much planned for Designed in London: there are so many topics that we want to cover and discuss! We’re also planning on doing some Q&A podcasts, where the listeners (aka you guys) can send in your burning questions via twitter. If you have a question for us just tweet using #AskDiLDN and we will keep all of these safe for when we record that episode.

In the meantime, I’m super excited for you guys to listen & let us know what you think to episode number 2. We’re all so passionate about/ proud to be demystifying and (hopefully) helping other creatives, and your support really means a lot to us. If you know someone that is about to enter the creative industries then please share episode 2 of #DiLDN with them – it might be just what they need to hear!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts & questions for #AskDiLDN


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