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You know me: I’m always galavanting around London. When you live in London you quickly realise that there is more to shopping than Oxford Street – London has so much more to offer! I probably know East the best, but I’m not an area snob and am keen to explore as much as I can. Just call me a culture sponge!

The other week I found myself south of the river in Peckham for the opening of Under The Same Sun; the latest exhibit at the South London Gallery.

Under The Same Sun

Under The Same Sun

When thinking about galleries in London, the South London Gallery probably isn’t one that pops into your head – it didn’t into mine, because I didn’t know it existed! I’m really glad I visited though: it’s not that far from central London, it’s quite a green area, and the gallery space is really nice (watch the vlog for the full experience).

SLG also gain brownie points from me for the branding of Under The Same Sun – the use of bold, minimal and colourful shapes and typography makes me a very happy Graphic Designer.

As I just mentioned, whilst visiting I vlogged so I can show you a flavour of the exhibition, although you should definitely go to see it for yourself!

Let me take you through a few pieces in more detail:
What’s not to love about this sculpture made from tortillas by Damian Ortega!?

Under The Same SunUnder The Same Sun

The exhibition includes a great variety of different disciplines: from sketches and paint on canvas to neon lettering and abstract fruit on a coat hanger. There’s something to pique every interest!

Under The Same Sun Under The Same Sun Under The Same Sun Under The Same Sun

If you watched the vlog, you will have seen that I unexpectedly bumped into fellow blogger, Erin from Island Bell. It was so lovely to see a friendly face and catch up over a coffee and art.

Speaking of the vlog, As I might have mentioned, my favourite piece is the colourful installation by Amalia Pica:

Under The Same SunUnder The Same SunUnder The Same Sun

It’s just amazing, isn’t it? And it’s not just nice to look at, as it also functions as a performance piece too.  (Performances take place on Saturdays)

Though they all relate to one theme (Art from Latin America today), they are all very different.

Under The Same Sun

Under The Same SunUnder The Same Sun

Under The Same Sun is open at the South London Gallery until 4th September 2016 which gives you plenty of time to visit. And do let me know if you’re heading South of the river to check it out 🙂


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