Habitat Light Club: Dance the light away


I’ll be honest, it’s not often that you’ll find me in a night club. I’m more of a gig kinda girl but if there are cocktails and cool neon signs involved I can usually be persuaded, so when Habitat invited me to an evening at The Light Club to celebrate the launch of their AW16 collectionI was intrigued.

Joined by fellow creative bloggers Shelley and Fab, we headed to the Habitat store on Tottenham Court Road eager to find out what was going to happen. Walking up to the store I started to wonder if I’d been tricked as all of the lights were on and it was very quiet – definitely couldn’t see or hear any signs of a party.

Luckily some of the Habitat staff were on hand to guide us to the right place, and we ventured down into the store where we started to hear the faint sound of music. It seemed so far away, but we turned a corner and there it was: the party complete with DJs, cocktails, glow sticks and bloggers!

Habitat Light ClubHabitat Light ClubHabitat Light ClubHabitat Light Club

Lights flashing and bloggers bopping to the beat of the music, it was a huge contrast to the last time I’d been into Habitat! If I’m honest it all seemed a bit bizarre to be dancing in the middle of a shop but we embraced it and with a Blue Lagoon or Tequila Sunrise in hand, in made sense. There was even a little surprise – some dancers showed us how it’s really done.

Habitat Light Club

See these guys, and the rest of the party, in action in my vlog (I’m making videos on Youtube now incase you didn’t already know!). I bumped into some lovely familiar faces and might have caught them on camera dancing too hehe… You might spy Katy, Claire, Kelly, Sarah, NataliaHannah and Mary.

Habitat Light ClubHabitat Light Club

As a colour lover I was drawn to the array of cool string lights, but I also had my eye on a few other lights including the industrial cage style and a fancy giant lightbulb which I was lucky enough to take home! (Photo at the bottom of the post)

Any sensible Light Club go-er knows that you should balance out cocktails with food, especially when it’s as cute, sparkly and tasty as this: mini goats cheese profiteroles with chutney and glitter! YUM!

Habitat Light Club Habitat Light Club

Not going to lie… the tube ride home carrying our lights was interesting. Massive box + escalator = #habitathazard. As soon as I got home Jack & I were too excited to see what the Marlowe lamp was like, so he set it up on my desk…

Habitat Light ClubHabitat Light Club

…. whilst I sat in the giant Habitat bag, because I had been throwing the idea of the bag being big enough for me to get into around. So I needed to find out, obviously! In my defence I’d had a pretty busy day and a few cocktails…

But anyway, Habitat had such a great night that they want more people to dance the light away (see what I did there) for one night only. The Light Club is opening again on Thursday 27th October… and you could be partying with free cocktails and canapes too! Tickets should be available here from Thursday 22nd September so set that reminder now. Rumour has it that there will be some discounts on the night too, so the perfect excuse to snap up a lamp and light up your life… see what I did there?

Anyway, I had a fun night and am looking forward to finding the perfect place to put my gorgeous Marlowe lamp (it can’t stay on my desk or I won’t get any work done!). Thanks to the lovely team at Habitat for having me and I hope some of you guys will be heading to join The Light Club soon.


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