Do one thing every day that scares you!

Knock knock! Who’s there? An outfit post. SAY WHUUUT?! I’ve been a bit quiet (mainly because I’ve been super busy – watch my vlogs on Youtube if you haven’t already!), but I wanted to have a little chat you you guys.

Old Spitalfields Marketscares1Outfit of the day

I’ll have been blogging for 8 years in January, which is scary but also pretty impressive, right? As regular readers will know I’m a creative and I love stationery, books, patterns and nice walls in London. This means that usually my blog revolves around these things alongside my creative journey BUT with the big 8 marker in the back of my mind, I’ve been recently thinking about the future of Graphique Fantastique. Things have really changed around here since my first post in 2009, but I’ve always been happy with how I’ve developed my writing and photography – it’s really improved, like A LOT!

I hope that you like reading my blog to learn about cool things, follow my adventures and connect with me as a creative – am I right? I’ve loved becoming a part of a little community BUT as I look around me I feel like I’m falling behind. I know that I shouldn’t listen to the green eyed monster, but it’s not that I’m jealous of others getting invited to events or being sent cool things. I just feel like I need and want to grow more and try new things; I want a challenge. You might have noticed that I’ve been working more lifestyle content into the blog recently? It’s given me more opportunity to inject some of my personality – I mean actually of me, rather than my preferences as a designer.

As a creative I’m ALWAYS pushing myself and trying new things, but when I look at my blog I feel like I’ve been ‘playing it safe’ in a way. I was browsing Pinterest the other day when I came across the quote:

Do one thing every day that scares you’

I might have mentioned it before but my first response to ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ was a fashion designer. I drew my own designs (mainly based on the Spice Girls), made a catalogue and went around the playground at school trying to sell them to my friends and teachers. Cringe but cute. You might have guessed where this is going, especially if you saw my recent twitter poll, and be thinking ‘But you’re not a fashion blogger?’. Nope, I’m not and I know that – I’m not trying to be. BUT I’ve always liked fashion, have my own style going on and think that I’d like to work some bits of what I wear into the blog. Because in my eyes, what I wear is an extension of my creativity – it’s the whole package!


Recently I’ve been hanging out with fellow creative & blogger Ella – drinking too much coffee, talking creativity & taking some outfit photos for her (check them out on her blog). If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know that I am a girl in the know about walls in London and love taking photos. I’ve ALWAYS been more comfortable behind the camera, and so when Ella asked if I wanted to do some outfit shots too I said no. If you’ve not met Ella, let me tell you that she’s pretty persuasive! I reluctantly handed over the camera and positioned myself awkwardly in front of the door. I am so scared of having my photo taken: despite following bloggers for years I have no idea what to do with my body and zero confidence. Obviously this would be a bit of a shit post if the story ended there…

Luckily Ella is a babe; she directed me, made me giggle and feel comfortable, and took some lovely photos of me. And it takes a lot for me to like a photo of myself!

Outfit of the day M&S Next Topshop New Look Spitalfields East Londonscares3img_0978

Mahuuussive Hat (pinched from Ella’s head) – M&S
Striped Jumper – New Look
Triangle necklace – Oliver Bonas
Ripped Joni Jeans – Topshop
Amazing metallic Boots – Next

So, with the posing done, I thought that was the hard bit over. I was wrong. Even though I was 100% happy with the photos and the idea of me including some style on my blog, I was now scared of posting it. Sharing it with you guys; ‘What are they going to think? There’s nothing really graphic-y or design-y about it. What if they start to hate my blog?’. So that’s 2 things that scare me – the photo shoot & the fear of disappointing you guys.

Of course I don’t want to upset any of you guys, but I hope that you will support me posting a variety of content going forward. Everything is going to have a graphic influence, whether that be the choice of backdrop, colour palette, styling or the story. I’m NOT a fashion blogger, but I am a girl that enjoys styling and prints and shiny boots. I’m not going to be posting extravagant outfits because that’s not me, but expect a lot of black, metallics and stripes. I’m a designer and I probably dress like a cliche designer a lot of the time!

Spitalfields East Londonimg_7623Next Metallic Boots

Photos by Ella Masters

Would love to know your thoughts on this – hopefully you’re looking forward to a little shake up of my content? ha I mean, why would you NOT want to see more of those boots? Everywhere I go people compliment them!

Have you done something recently that scared you? Change is often good, so don’t be afraid to give something out of your comfort zone a try. This is the ultimate cheese thing for me to say, but sometimes it’s needed: life is too short and you should do what makes you happy 🙂


P.S. just HAD to include this out take for the lolz and to prove that I promise I’m not going to take myself too seriously!

Blog photo outtake

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  • Harriet

    05/11/2016 at 9:17 pm

    Loved this, hopefully seeing how gorgeous you are in these photos will give you a bit more confidence!
    I can’t wait for a bit more ‘fashion’ on your blog because I feel like the outfits you wear are far more relateable than a lot of fashion bloggers.

    Whoop for doing things that terrify you!

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