Mr Men Little Miss x TFL: Underground Etiquette

As a Londoner, Underground etiquette is a daily struggle. With over 4.8million passenger journeys on the Tube every day there’s bound to be a few disagreements because it’s not much fun being a sardine… and yet we still continue to do it! Although we’re usually very British about it all (passive aggressive and silent until pushed too far), there’s no denying that it’s quite stressful and unlikely to ever really change.

But there’s no harm in trying, hey? The world could do with a little more love at the moment, so let’s start with London. You might have spotted a few familiar faces popping up in tube stations – what better way to combat the stress of commuting than with the characters of Mr Men and Little Miss? I spotted Little Miss Stubborn at my local station:

Mr Men Little Miss Transport for London Posters

But the fun doesn’t have to stop in Tube stations. A limited edition run of prints signed and numbered by the son of the original Mr Men and Little Miss creator, Adam Hargreaves, are available to buy from the Mr Men online shop so you can own a piece of Mr Men x TFL history.

As both a London Transport and Design geek, I was excited to get my hands on one of the prints. When it came to choosing from the 7 designs, I was very tempted by the long arm of Mr Tickle but I thought it might be weird to have a poster about rubbish bins in my flat. But anyway, you know me – I prefer bold colours, so instead I opted for Mr Daydream. Like a lot of people I meet on my travels, Mr Daydream is completely oblivious to the other people travelling alongside him. I doubt it will ever happen because London is such a big and selfish place, but if we were all a bit more considerate for other people travelling around London would be a much more pleasant experience!

Mr Men Little Miss Transport for London Posters Mr Men Little Miss Transport for London Posters

If you’ve ever been on a bus or the tube in London, I’m sure you’ll have come across some less than friendly characters. Who did you meet? Maybe Mr Asleep in the priority seat, or Little Miss seats for her shopping? I’ve seen them many times so decided to do my own little sketch…


Mr Men Little Miss Transport for London PostersMr Men Little Miss Transport for London PostersMr Men Little Miss Transport for London Posters

With only 145 of each design, stamped and hand-numbered, if you want to get your hands on a print for your own station flat you’d best be quick. Maybe there should be one in every London household – it might make people think before they act selfishly.


I was kindly sent this print for review purposes, but all enthusiasm for making the Tube a better place is 100% my own 🙂


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