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I don’t know about you, but there’s something really satisfying about discovering a hidden gem – a little treasure which few know about. Sure, it’s easy to pick a gift from the high street, but if you want something with a bit more character and uniqueness then Etsy is the way to go. There’s nothing quite like a handmade gift, is there? So much thought, love and time has gone into it making it something really special, and that’s what the ‘s’ stands for in Etsy. (Ok I’m making that up, you caught me out!)

But really, Etsy is like a Google for gifts because you can search for all kinds of things; from patches and pins to socks and scarves. You can literally spend hours just hopping from shop to shop because each one has it’s own look, feel and focus. Read: I’ve been spending a lot of time hopping from shop to shop on Etsy recently. And so the inevitable happened: I bought stuff. To celebrate the independent makers I wanted to share some of you the lovely things I found, because sharing is caring after all!

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Most people would put a plant in a plant pot… but not me! This stripey cute one from This Way To the Circus is perfect to house my rainbow of Sharpies, because unlike plants I don’t need to remember to water them.

As a Graphic Designer I’ve always wanted a pegboard – it’s a real life grid that I can arrange type on, eeek the excitement! So when I spotted the kit to make your own on Etsy, I couldn’t resist. Each pegboard is made from smaller sections and fixed with clips, so you can buy as many sections and clips as you like to customise it to suit your needs/desires. Incase your wondering, I bought 6 sections and 14 clips, which gives me a pegboard around A3 size. No pegboard is complete without a message, and so I bought a set of white and yellow characters in 2 sizes. I was so excited to write a message when it arrived – I just sat and played with it! In the end I settled on a menu style message – hope you like it? 🙂

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Another graphic message of sorts, I’m sure you’ll agree this banner from It’s OK Kid is both cute & kick ass. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but I love a good swear word – you might remember that time that I designed a dictionary of taboo words?

This Autumn Winter season patches are in and I’m pretty happy that everyone is embracing attaching pretty graphics to their denim/coats/faces. I love these mini typographic patches by Bels Art and I was innocently scrolling Instagram when I saw the planet patch by Zabby Allen. I’ll admit that I didn’t permanently attach them to my pocket yet, but not just because I’m scared to… we don’t actually have an iron. Don’t worry though, my Mum’s already on the case this Christmas!

Etsy Difference Makes Us Etsy Difference Makes Us

As a creative, I follow a number of makers on Instagram etc who also have Etsy shops. Like with Zabby, I also follow Polly of SighhDesigns on social media. It’s great to support makers, but it’s even better to support makers that you chat to and really admire their work. Polly’s graphic print and monochomatic phone case was an obvious choice for me – totally Graphique 🙂

Recently I was lucky enough to visit the Etsy Everyday Emporium, a 4 day pop up where some great gifts were up for grabs… for the price of an Instagram. OBVIOUSLY I was excited, and so you might have seen that I visited twice – once with Emma & George for a pet bed and a second time to grab this amazing lip cushion by Made by Minah. What a great concept for a store and to raise awareness of Etsy 🙂

As a creative myself, to me, one of the most important things about Etsy are the people behind these online shops. They’re real, hardworking, independent sellers. They put so much time, effort and love into every item they make! But did you know that there are local Etsy communities too? I’ve met makers from my local Etsy team, London Local, a few times and can confirm that they are both talented and lovely (check out my vlogs here & here). This weekend, 3rd & 4th December, 88 London Local makers will be at Hornsey Town Hall (N8 9JJ) for the Etsy Made Local Christmas Market. So if you want to meet some of London’s best creatives and buy some amazing gifts for your lived ones this Christmas then here’s your chance! Now with 88 makers in one room there will be a lot of choice, so I thought I’d help you out & share a few of my favourite items – here’s my Etsy London Local wishlist:


  1. Super Duper Things – Geometric Prints

  2. Ladybird Likes – Do Awesome Things Necklace

  3. Utensils Papercuts – Mistletoe papercut frame

  4. Lucie Ellen – Glittery pencil brooch

  5. Saint Wools – Chunky Wool blanket

  6. Bels Art – Too cool for school glow in the dark patch

  7. Jennifer Loiselle – From the heart arrow earrings

  8. Writing Maps – How to Write a story (also amazingly illustrated by Jack Slater, who I went to Uni with!)

  9. Letabli London – 3D printed desk tidy

What do you think to my choices? If you’re tempted by any of these then make sure you get yourself down to the London Local Team’s Christmas Market this weekend (… or you can order online, if you’re not in London).

Hands up if you’re sharing the Etsy love too this Christmas? What’s the best gem that you’ve found on Etsy? Remember, sharing is caring 🙂 Oh and did I ever tell you that I’ve started an Etsy shop of my own? It’s a bit bare at the moment but I have plans for the future, so watch this space! HAPPY 1ST OF DECEMBER btw!


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