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It’s that time of year again – time for celebration, excitement and all because… it’s my Birthday month, obvs! Ok, I always harp on about my feelings on Christmas, but incase you needed reminding… as a Boxing Day baby, it’s not my favourite time of year. HOWEVER, I think I’m getting soft in my ‘old’ age as it would appear that my heart has slightly thawed and I just might have enjoyed something Christmas related this year. What can I say? No Grinch is ever perfect, especially when there’s a good cause involved.

You might’ve seen some hype about Christmas Jumper Day? It’s pretty simple; wear your Christmas Jumper on Friday 16th December and raise money for Save The Children!

But what do you do if, like me, you don’t have a Christmas Jumper? Make one, duh Karen! And luckily John Lewis were on hand with jumpers & haberdashery supplies for us to get our Christmas craft on.

John Lewis ChristmasJohn Lewis Christmas Blogger Party

Pom pom makers at the ready, flat lay stance steady and the lovely Zoe from Ladybird Likes on hand to help us with our creations. Take a group of bloggers and some jumpers, add a sprinkle of festive spirit (aka buttons, ribbon, felt and pom poms) et voila!

It was so lovely to catch up with familiar faces (Charley, Lauren, Hannah, Leigh, Kelly, Sara) and meet some new ones too! Everyone was so excited about Christmas that I guess it rubbed off on me a little bit…

John Lewis Christmas Jumpers John Lewis Christmas Jumpers John Lewis Christmas Crafts

And if the Jumpers weren’t enough of a creative challenge, we also got to decorate our own stockings in honour of #JohnLewisChristmas too. Just look at Kelly go with those scissors!

As per usual, I had my vlogging hat (not santa hat, pah!) on so if you want to see some behind the scenes footage then check out my weekly vlog which includes some fun from the evening (because I post videos on Youtube, if you didn’t already know – SUBSCRIBE):

John Lewis Christmas John Lewis Christmas

So how did my Christmas jumper turn out? Well, I kept it quite minimal with the addition of some star shaped elbow patches and some glittery twine to act as a string for my stars. I honestly spent an hour trying to take some half decent photos, but I don’t really have that posing thing down just yet (especially without Ella’s help)…

Christmas Jumper Christmas Jumper

… so here’s some colour co-ordination flatlay stylee. If you ask me, the wrapping paper wears it a lot better than I do 😉 And a little BTS secret: I photoshopped my mince pie crumbs out of it.

Anyway, what are your jumper plans for Christmas Jumper day? Gingerbread men? Fairy lights? Glitter?


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