60 seconds in print: Filming a challenge with HP


It seems like forever ago now but back in July I was 1 of 10 bloggers that took part in a secret challenge involving printers, filming and HP.

I’d signed myself up for it without really knowing what it was BUT I do love a challenge and printing so didn’t think it could go too badly wrong. Waiting with the other bloggers, we chatted through some ideas on what we might be doing – obviously it was going to involve printing, but how!? I wondered if we would have to create something from photos, or maybe build some kind of structure from paper… maybe it would be a group challenge? Spoiler alert: I was wrong!

With the running order decided, one by one we entered the room & emerged again about 20 minutes later, sworn to secrecy. WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THIS ROOM? It wasn’t until 2 minutes before my slot that I was briefed on our mission…

Behind the scenes of HP Advert

Any 90s kids out there? You might remember the Generation game – a memory game with a conveyor belt of prizes. It’s a simple concept: whatever you remember, you win. BUT this isn’t the 90s anymore: with the advances of technology there’s a twist – we have a printer instead of a conveyor belt. Still sounds ok, right? Things will be printed out, you have to remember them and then you can win them, okie dokie. I had my fingers crossed for a holiday…

So you walk on set and quickly realise that you’re in a studio under lots of hot lights with people & cameras watching you and it’s a SUPER FAST printer. Maybe it’s not actually going to be that easy! It’s kinda a lot of pressure but also being pretty exciting at the same time. Let me share a few thoughts that passed through my mind: PLEASE don’t fall over. Am I going to say something stupid? What if I freeze? Will I remember anything? What if I go home empty handed? … that would be pretty embarrassing, hey?

‘But you talk to a camera on Youtube all the time…’ you say. Yes, but I get to edit out all of the silly things I say and do haha Anyway to answer all of those questions I (of course) vlogged some of the day so you can watch a little behind the scenes insight:

HP Page Wide ChallengeBehind the scenes of HP AdvertHP Page Wide Challenge

You’ll be glad to hear that I didn’t do anything too stupid (or they kindly edited it out for me) and I might have made it out of the room with a prize or three 😉 ALSO you can watch both the group video and my individual video below:

Watch me squirm:

Is that the fastest printer you’ve seen or what? The HP Page Wide printer can print 75 pages per minute – that’s more than a page a second so this was no easy challenge! As you can probably tell, this isn’t really a printer that you’d have just sitting on your desk to print your train tickets/homework on. It’s bigger, faster and a lot more powerful than your usual printer and so is more ideal for small businesses.

HP Page Wide Challenge

Hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes look at what it’s like to film a challenge video. It was lovely to meet some other bloggers and share the experience together – I feel like we really bonded over our unknown fate ha. What did you think to the challenge videos? Do you think YOU would’ve done any better?


This post is in collaboration with HP to share my filming experience, but as always all opinions are 100% my own.

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