21 MORE Creative Youtubers You Need To Follow


A year ago (wow, time flies) I wrote a series of posts based on creatives that you should follow – Bloggers, Instagrammers, Hashtags and Youtubers. The posts have proved pretty popular, especially the Youtube one (check it out if you’ve not already seen it), and guess what? I’ve discovered even MORE cool creative Youtubers since writing it.

Creative Youtubers To Follow

It’s pretty crazy how things have changed in a year: since starting my channel I’ve really ‘got into’ Youtube and watching vlogs etc is now a part of my everyday routine. Weirdo alert: I see more of my ‘Youtube friends’ than some of my IRL friends, ooops ha! I’m like a sponge when it comes to these things – I love soaking in culture and knowledge and am always on the look out for more creative content to consume. Now that every man and his dog has a Youtube channel I know it’s not always easy to find cool people that create great content and upload consistently. BUT they are out there, and so I’m back with 21 MORE Creative Youtubers you need to follow – get ready to expand your sub box:

Graphic Designers

1. Flux – Ran vlogs his life as a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel

2. Maex – UI/UX, tutorials and life as a designer

3. Abi Knee – Vlogging her studies as an exchange student in Hamburg, Germany

4. Megan Jane – Graphic Design student at Brighton University, UK

5. The Futur – Online education for creative entrepreneurs

6. Roberto Blake – Advice on creative careers, freelancing, marketing and tutorials

7. Alex Cas – Sharing a behind the scenes look at creating cool Graphics on screen

8. Charlie Lewis – Vlogs about becoming a Graphic Designer from scratch

9. Just Borja – Spanish Design & DIY lover


10. Eva Stalinski – If you like screen printing & cool illustration then you’ll love Eva’s channel

11. Furry Little Peach – Aussie Illustrator & Artist sharing life inside her studio

12. Hanecdote – Bringing sexy back to embroidery & other creative discussions

13. Studio Jess – Discussions on life as an illustrator and creative struggles

14. Steph (Bear + Crocodile) – Cute illustrations & vlogs

General Creatives

15. New Age Creators – A group of cool creatives making videos around the world

16. Hanna Creative – German Film & Motion Design student sharing her creative journey

17.Sarah Akwisombe – Interior Designer and cool #girlboss blogger/ vlogger

18. Charlotte Goodowl – Cuuuute stop frame animations & vlogs on DIY, style & lifestyle

19. CatCreative – Life as a design student at Rhode Island School of Design, USA

20. Atousa – Medical student who draws in her spare time

21. Ashley Fauguel – Creative discussion, Northern charm & London living

Annnd just because I couldn’t NOT include these two ladies:

22. Alice Red – Photography tips and beautifully shot vlogs

23. Katherine The 19th – Design & video making tips as well as a creative lifestyle vlogs

You can’t say that I don’t look after you guys – that’s hour and hours of great content there! Of course, I’d be an idiot if I didn’t also plug my own Youtube channel (just incase you didn’t already know about it) so make sure you check it out for Graphic Design & creative lifestyle focused videos 🙂

Also a quick note that Youtube have changed how subscriptions work now and so if you subscribe to channels from now on/ are already subscribed but not receiving notifications then you need to press the bell button and turn on notifications. It doesn’t make sense, I know, but now you know.

As always, please let me know your thoughts – on Youtube, your fave Creative Youtubers, where you’d like to see my Youtube channel go etc. Spoiler alert: I filmed my first collaboration video and it’ll be going live this week so make sure you’re subscribed & look out for that!

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