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I’ve been talking about setting up my etsy shop for ages – so long, that you’re all probably a bit fed up of reading about it!? Well, I finally set it up last year… and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to stock in it. One of the things holding me back has been my printing ability – I’d had my printer for 6 years now and with the ink being quite expensive and the quality not that great, it was putting me off even trying to create some prints etc. Then, my fairy-print-mother at Epson came to the rescue and offered me the chance to get to grips with the Epson Expression Photo XP-960. Obviously I said yes….

Ok, so the first great thing about this printer is that it’s wireless. I’m so used to balancing my printer on the edge of my desk and being tangled by cables, so it was such a lovely moment to just press print on my laptop at my desk and see the printer work it’s magic just over the other side of the room. My boyfriend informed me (y’know what guys are like when it comes to tech) that the wireless magic apparently will work from anywhere – so if I’m out and about in London and want to print something ready for when I get home, I can.

Other cool things about the Expression Photo X-960 include the flip out touch screen and the ink cartridges system being CMYK based (well, it is more fancy in fact, with 6 colours rather than the standard 4). This might go right over the top of some people’s heads, but as a Graphic Designer this is very ideal as it’s a lot closer to the usual printing process. I’m used to having just 2 ink cartridges; colour and black, but I’m hoping that this 6 cartridge system should be a lot more economical and better for colour matching print-wise.

Sorry, I think I got a bit carried away with the ink excitement, but the touch screen is a good feature too – easy to use and so many different options and features. I definitely didn’t discover everything about this printer yet!

There is also a scanner on the top and unlike my previous printers, the A4 paper tray is hidden within meaning it will be kept nice and crease free – you can see my yellow paper just peeping out up there!

As a Graphic Designer, one thing I really love about this printer is the borderless printing option. When I design something, I want it to appear on the paper as it was on my screen, not with a white border around the edges. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to try it out…

After the excitement of printing borderless, there was STILL more excitement left. I hadn’t tried printing A3 (210x420mm) yet! I have to admit, being able to print on larger scales is something I’ve really missed. When I’m sketching or making patterns I always work on A3 – I just like having a lot of space!

Thanks to the little tray, the print is guided out of the printer without dropping to the floor and smudging. This might seem like a small thing but is pretty important when using glossy photo and when your printer is sitting on a table above the floor!

Because you’re able to print A3, this printer is a bit of a beast – it’s probably not going to just sit on the corner of most people’s desks. But if you’re into printing larger scale (like me) and have an office space, then I think it’s a worthwhile investment!

Ooooh I just loved the way my marbling (scanned in from a previous marbling session and edited) printed out – especially on the glossy paper! I’m not always enthusiastic about glossy paper (sometimes it can make printed things look cheap) but it looks so luxe here.

I have lots of cool papers which I’m planning to test out in the future and who knows, I might even have some printed goodies coming to my etsy shop this year! Let me know what you’d like to see 🙂

Is it time to update your printer game? Hands up who wants to print everything A3 from now on?

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration – I was sent the Epson Expression Photo XP-960 printer to review, but as always all opinions are 100% honest and all print based enthusiasm is my own.


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  • somebodyelsa

    20/02/2017 at 10:11 am

    This is super exciting! Now you HAVE TO have prints on your shop!
    I always find that the hardest part in having my own etsy shop is having to invest in stock prints because I have to make them externally (is that the word?) and that always takes time. I’d love to invest in a good printer but I’m still not there yet! DO you know if the prints made with this printer are considered “giclée”?

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