IWD17: Supporting Female Creatives


Today is a special day; it’s Wednesday. And on Wednesdays we wear pink, right? But that’s not why it’s special…

Last year I put together a little post sharing a few of my fave ladies making creative things happen. Well when I looked in my diary and saw that International Women’s Day was coming around again I thought ‘OK, what can I do this year?’ I decided that I wanted more. More women. More inspiration. More Girl Power (like my t-shirt yeahhhh)!

But I’m only one girl and there’s only so much I can realistically research. So, like every good person of the internet, I took to Twitter and asked people for THEIR favourite female creatives. And the result? A Pinterest board with over 250 pins of over 100 (I lost count at 100) of OUR favourite ladies! Much love to everyone that contributed and introduced me to some amazingly inspiration women. So this IWD please treat yourself to a scroll through some amazing female talent, as picked by us:

Ok, but let’s say that my amazing Pinterest board didn’t exist… how do you find female creatives?

Vesna Vrdoljak | Coucou Suzette | Eva Stalinksi

Look out.

You’re probably thinking WELL DUH! But what I mean by that is just keep your eyes open for them and they will appear. You’re probably already familiar with a lot of female creatives but you’re just not thinking about it or they’re just not shouting about it. Us ladies tend to be a bit apologetic and modest about our achievements, but show an interest in what they do and make them burst with confidence.

Maybe they design things for your local cafe or have a studio space by your bus stop? They’re out there somewhere! And don’t forget that this is 2017 – the internet is there to be used! (But if you get really stuck, why not just do what I did and ask your friends/internet friends for recommendations.)

Chrissie Abbott | Bethany Baker | Hello Marine

Share the love.

This one is pretty simple but often forgotten. Tweet or ‘gram or email or shout out on the radio – just share their work. It’s 100% free and will make someones day or even career! Who knows what it could lead to… 100 karma brownie points for you! P.S. Tweet me links to your fave creative ladies so that I can add them to my Pinterest board!

Kat Garner | Lisa Congdon | Ruby Taylor


And by this, I don’t necessarily mean with money (although you should definitely buy their art/services if you can). Maybe they need some help with a skill you have, be it social media, building part of a market stall or just a shoulder to cry on over coffee. We all know that time is precious, so invest wisely in something/someone that you really believe in.

Stephanie Kane | People I’ve Loved | Rebecca Louise Law


Again, it’s an obvious one but really just enjoy and embrace that in 2017 women are (mostly) free to create. In some senses we still have a long way to go for gender equality, but really the world has come leaps and bounds since the dark ages. Think back to the changes of the past 100 odd years – female authors being published under male pseudonyms (well, this still happens today actually – boo!), females succeeding in previously male dominated fields and more! It wasn’t always this way…

Emma Jane Palin | Izumi Miyazaki | Camille Walala


Maybe you’re not a creative or a female yourself, but you can definitely protect and help shape female creatives. Whether you’re a Mother, Brother, Cousin or Best friend; encourage and support talented ladies – they are the future after all! It might be the simplest of things that inspires the next generation and you won’t know unless you try.

So, now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for? Who run the world? GIRLS. 

Annnnd don’t forget to follow & send me your addition to my Girl Power Pinterest Board 🙂

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