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Spring has sprung and so it’s time to clear out those brain cobwebs. How is it almost MAY!? Sorry, things have been a bit quiet around here recently, with working & vlogging & life. But spoiler alert; I’m working on some great content for National Stationery Week next week (24th to 30th April), so look forward to that.

January came and went in a blur (RIP to my phone), and I actually forgot that GF turned 8 on the 18th, oops! So in a belated blog Birthday celebration, raise your cuppa tea 🙂  But hold your mug there as another celebration is in order – at the end of March the Top 10 UK Graphic Design blogs were announced by Vuelio, and guess who featured at number 4 no less? Yes, Graphique Fantastique!

I’m flattered of course, although the cynic in me also takes it with a pinch of salt: if you take a closer look at the list you’ll notice that one of the blogs is a bit dodgy. Yes, I’m looking at you ‘September Industry’, if that is your real name… it’s not! BUT anyway, I was interviewed for a spotlight on the Vuelio blog so have a read of that for my thoughts on blogging, working with brands and community.

It feels so weird to have been blogging for almost third of my life now! Birthdays are always a time of reflection and looking to the future, right? So typically, I found myself reminiscing about the past GF and how far it’s come since I began writing back in 2009…

And it has definitely come FAR. I can’t remember what year I developed the GF letterpress print but in June 2015 I treated myself to a new template, and the most recent GF evolution was born. When meeting new people, I get my business cards out of my bag and always receive compliments on that pattern: ‘Oh this is fancy…’ or ‘Yes, you’re definitely a designer.’ So I’ve honestly been quite sad thinking about leaving it behind. But it’s been almost 2 years and it’s time to evolve.

As much as I still LOVE print (you can take the ink out of the girl…), I feel like my content and design style has changed a lot. I’m a lot more confident in my love of bold typography, patterns and colours (usually featuring a triangle somewhere). I like clean and simple typography teamed with ‘more is more’ patterns. I wanted to move GF on to the next exciting stage without tainting my ‘brand’ so naturally I turned to Twitter:

And so I listened, and the rest is history I guess. Welcome to Graphique Fantastique 5.0 (?) complete with your favourite Teal & monochrome pattern, with a triangle twist 🙂

The Twitter poll confirmed what I thought to be true; the Teal was a GF brand staple, so of course that was going to stay. I also knew that my monochrome pattern was a popular association, but it needed an update…

Just before I go into that though, can we talk about how I’ve been blogging 8 years and I only just realised that I can spell my name using the letters within!? Can you spot it? I had this revelation last week and was totally amazed for at least 3 hours ha

I kinda already knew what I wanted to do, but did I want to incorporate triangles? Was that too predictable? Maybe. But nevermind…

Let’s face it, it would be weird to use any other shape. Like a proper Graphic Designer, I’ve actually looked at GF as a brand this time and have developed a graphic language which will mean that things are all matchy-matchy. Shout out to Emma and Rosh who were my design jury and didn’t mind (too much) when I spammed them with all of my process options. That’s what friends are for, right?

And with that all decided, I set about applying the branding across all of my channels; Twitter, Facebook and Youtube…

I’ve got a fair way to go with updating the thumbnails (120+), but I’m looking forward to having a cohesive look – I’ll get there eventually! I’m uploading content weekly, so go and subscribe if you’re not already 🙂

What do you think to the new GF look? Would love to hear your thoughts! I’ve had some positive feedback via Twitter so far, but hoping to keep developing and strengthening my brand.


  • Fab

    20/04/2017 at 7:32 pm

    Happy belated blog-birthday, and congrats on the award! ❤️

    Love love love the new branding – so interesting to see your blog transformation throughout the years and how far you’ve come to have the design reflect your personality more! If I’m honest, I’m gonna miss the hold header a bit, but like you said, it was time for a refresh 🙂 and the new colours + graphics definitely have your name all over!

    PS. I was also mind blown about the name spelling thing, haha

    PPS. I’m gonna need your new biz card 😛

  • Emma Copland

    22/04/2017 at 9:12 am

    Congratulations on making it so high on the Vuelio list totally deserved. Also loving the new look

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