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What’s the best way to good karma during National Stationery Week? (No, this isn’t a joke btw) Well yes, you could selflessly hand out free stationery to make people smile. But if like me, you’re not one to part with stationery easily, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s another way!

Sure there’s lots of great stationery to indulge in on the high street, but what about supporting some creatives and small businesses? We all KNOW that Etsy is brilliant for finding gifts and quirky hand made pieces (proof if you need it), but what does it have to offer in terms of pens and notebooks? In the name of NSW, I volunteered myself to get lost for a couple of hours and search for the BEST stationery available from the shops on Etsy. Prepare to be dazzled…

Who says that stationery shopping isn’t educational? Because I have learnt a lot, including that there is such a thing as a washi tape dispenser. Yes, it’s true! I found this acrylic one from cwlcrafts and had stocked it up with my favourite washi tapes just 15 mins after it had arrived on my desk.

You can also spy a new addition to my washi tape ‘collection’ – couldn’t resist that London Underground design that I found amongst lots of other goodies in the dadastickers shop.

I’m happy to admit that I am a list addict – I probably have 10 lists on the go at once, at all times. I’m hoping this lime green one by Angela Chick will help me to remember those super important things that I would otherwise forget, oops.

Not technically stationery, but it’s stationery shaped and shiny and pretty – you’ll let me off, right? This little pencil pin badge by Rock Cakes is so cute how could you say no? Also need to mention that the packaging this arrived in was so cute – one of the perks of shopping with small businesses on Etsy.

I’m sure you’d all be a bit worried about me if I didn’t film an unboxing haul for my Youtube channel, and I’m not one to disappoint, so before you go any further why not watch me get excited about opening all of the stationery goodness? 🙂

Ok, but after you’ve watched the video can we just talk about these paperclips shaped like bunny rabbits!? Japanese brand Midori make a whole range, from pigs to penguins – who said you couldn’t own a zoo!?

Who knew that skinny washi tape was a thing? Not me, until I stumbled across it in foxandstar’s Etsy shop alongside the rabbit paperclips. I’ve recently updated my desk and made some washi tape frames where I cut strips of washi tape in half – looks like I’ll never have to do that ever again, yay!

Let me just make a note of that whilst I remember… maybe on these amazing latte art post it notes from Wang’s Wonderful World. Or maybe not, because they’re too nice!

Not one for the vegans (sorry to my sister & Lauren if you’re reading), but I just couldn’t resist this leather pencil case from UnderCover. It’s seriously so so beautiful (might’ve mentioned that in my Youtube video a few too many times… ha), handmade and very luxurious. I’m a bit worried that it’s actually too nice to put pencils in!? I LOVE the leather & zip colour combination. Each pencil case it handmade and they have lots of colours to choose from – I was tempted by the fluoro leathers but opted for the flamingo pink in the end and am definitely not disappointed. If it didn’t say organised chaos on the front I’d probably use it as a clutch bag – did I mention that it’s beautiful?

Anyway, what’s a stationery haul without some pencils? I found so many sets of pencils on Etsy; from mean girls quotes to swear words. In the end I decided on this set of grammar pencils from Newton and the Apple. If there was a 6th pencil in this set it should definitely say ‘stationery or stationary’… sigh.

And you can’t have pencils with pens, especially when they’re shaped like cacti!? I might’ve let out a little squeal in excitement when I saw these cactus pens in dadastickers‘ shop. Not only are they cute, but contrary to their real life brothers & sisters, these pens are actually pretty comfy to write with.

Last but not least, it’s this amazing vintage yellow triangular pencil pot from the 80s from Bubble and Squeak. I totally love it – simple but bold and very inline with two of my favourite things at the moment; yellow and triangles, duh.

As I said, I spent HOURS on Etsy looking for the best stationery and let me tell you, when I looked at my shopping cart it was VERY scary how much I could’ve spent! I had to make some tough decisions but still wanted to mention the other awesome stationery sellers/ items that I found:

There’s still probably thousands more out there, so please let me know if you think I missed someone!

So I hope that’s given you plenty of stationery for thought. What do you think to the things that I chose? It was really very hard to whittle the list down as there is SO MUCH great stationery listed on Etsy – who’d have known? Next time you fancy treating yourself to some stationery, please consider supporting small businesses and creatives on Etsy. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on both your face & the seller’s 🙂

This post is a collaboration with Etsy UK – I was kindly gifted some Etsy credit with which I purchased all of these items. Thank you to Etsy for supporting me & allowing me to create fun content to celebrate National Stationery Week. As always, all opinions etc are 100% my own – I love everything featured!


  • Emma Jane Palin

    25/04/2017 at 11:09 am

    Those cactus pens though… Good job NN, you’ve picked some amazing stuff and done all the etsy scouring for me. Bravo! xx

  • Natalie

    25/04/2017 at 8:18 pm

    Love this! I’m always looking for new independent stationery people sellers, and I kind of need that pencil case in my life now. I have those paperclips in dog form and I love them.

    – Natalie

  • Sara

    26/04/2017 at 3:10 pm

    Great post, I’m going to visit all those shops, and maybe buy something(s) …but you know, it’s for the good karma 😉

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