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Last year I confessed something that probably made stationery addicts everywhere gasp in horror (dramatic, much?). 2016 was the first time I heard about National Stationery Week being a real thing. Maybe this is you right now!? ha But anyway, yes, it is ‘a thing’ and the 2017 stationery hype is in full swing as I post this – in fact TODAY is World Stationery Day. I hope you’ve been geeking out over pencils with no shame? And if you haven’t then I thought I’d give you the perfect excuse to start, with my ultimate stationery guide sharing some of the best places to find, drool over and buy stationery from.

The reliable go to

Paperchase  |  Typo UK  |  Cass Art  |  The Works  |  Ryman  |  The Range  |  Fred Aldous

Now then, there’s nothing wrong with being reliable. Reliability is definitely one of the traits I look for in a stationery shop! It’s the kind of place you can go to and guarantee that you will find that thing you’re looking for – saving time, money and stationery tears. Whether that be a dot grid sketchbook, a pen shaped like a flamingo, a tube of fluorescent green paint or glue that actually sticks; these guys will have your back. P.S. Fred Aldous is the stationery saviour of the north – I ALWAYS visit when I’m in Manchester, so you should too.

The experts

The Stationer  |  Ohh Deer  |  Papergang

What does it take to be an expert in stationery? Well, it’s not like you take an exam but after posting about buying stationery from others Blogger & owner of The Stationer, Tessa, might know a thing or two. And Ohh Deer? Well they work with some of the internet’s coolest creatives to keep us stationery geeks happy and stocked up on notebooks. At the moment, these experts are only available online, but don’t let that put you off because getting stationery in the post is one of the best things! And if you like the sound of that, you’ll love Papergang – a stationery subscription box (by Ohh Deer). Stationery delivered to your door every month? Yep, it’s pretty cool and you can see me open boxes 1 to 9 (but I missed 8) over on my Youtube channel. ENJOY!

The Londoners

London Graphic Centre Blogger Night

Quill London  |  Smug  |  Present & Correct  |  Future & Found  |  London Graphic Centre  |  We Built This City  |  Nook  |  Choosing Keeping

If these shops were a quote from Mean Girls, they’d probably be: I’m not like a regular stationery shop, I’m a cool stationery shop. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that London has a brilliant selection of super cool stationery shops; us Londoners are truly spoilt! In fact if you head to Angel (Northern Line), you’ll find Quill, Smug and Present & Correct within a 15 min walk of each other… stationery shop tour, anyone? I often find myself in LGC just looking at/stroking the screen printing kits… because I still didn’t buy one yet. Also if you don’t already follow Present & Correct’s Instagram then you need to, RIGHT NOW! You won’t look back.

The Scandi brands

IKEA  |  Flying Tiger (FKA Tiger)  |  kikki.K  |  HAY (within Selfridges)

Our Scandinavian neighbours do a lot of things well, and stationery is definitely one of those. If I had to described the Scandi stationery scene in a few words it would go a little something like this: simple, minimal, bold, beautiful. They ALWAYS have amazing colour palettes and known how to work with patterns and shapes, all whilst avoiding being tacky. They are just effortlessly cool, and I dare you to go into any of these shops without ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’-ing. It’s NOT possible. In short, kikki.K is a pastel haven, Flying Tiger is a maze of madness, HAY is dangerous for your bank balance and IKEA is probably the only place you will buy a mattress, meatballs & a notebook at the same time.

The Lifestyle Brands

Primark  |  Etsy  | Urban Outfitters  |  Rooi  |  Oliver Bonas

Stationery should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle if you ask me, and these brands definitely seem to agree; stationery is for life, not just for flat lays! (I should trademark that saying) And I mean why wouldn’t you want to buy a set of palm print pens that match your palm print bedding… Amiright?

Also, y’know how there is just SO MUCH on Etsy, that sometimes it’s hard to find gems? Well I’ve done all of the leg work for you – check out the BEST stationery on Etsy and I filmed a haul video too 🙂

P.S. Whilst we’re on the subject of indie sellers, check out Emma’s top 5 sassy stationery brands !

The surprises

Wilkinsons  |  Tesco  |  Marks & Spencer

So these guys might not immediately pop into your head when I mention stationery, but that doesn’t mean that they’re out of the race. Who doesn’t love a surprise notebook purchase whilst picking up 2 pints of milk and some toilet roll? Stationery might not be their focus, but they still do a great job and usually for amazing prices too. What’s better than a rainbow pack of Sharpies? A discounted rainbow pack of Sharpies, obviously! (Which I’ve gladly taken advantage of for the bargain price of £7 in Tesco more than once.)

And there you have it – all of the best places to find stationery. Have I missed anything from my list? If yes, please share your stationery secrets with me. Sharing is caring after all!

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  • Jaye

    26/04/2017 at 10:47 am

    As far as surprises go, Sainsbury has a range of gold foiled notebooks making me go weak at the knees. I DONT NEED TEMPTING TO BUY STATIONERY WHILE I”M TRYING TO BUY EGGS.

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