Making stationery personal – with Ohh Deer

Stationery doesn’t have to be standard. Every notebook is unique because every stationery user/lover is different. No two pages of notes/doodles are the same, so why settle for the same when you can do something different? Ok, enough riddles: I’m talking about some stationery personalisation.

You can easily turn a notebook into a piece of art with just a few stickers, even those who like a more minimal approach. It sounds simple, but it’s SO effective so I thought I’d roll my sleeves up and get a little creative…

I spotted these Meri Meri sets of alphabet stickers on the Ohh Deer website and KNEW that they had to be mine; holographic and 3D beauties. Paired with 2 cute foiled notebooks by Ola and 2 bright but boring ones that I found amongst my ridiculously large notebook collection (seriously, 30+ blank/unloved notebooks) and I set to work.

I did a little brainstorming and made a list of some phrases that I could use (Pinterest might have helped me out a bit too) including:
– Fantastique (obvious)
– Chill
– Winging it
– High five
– Good news
– Ok, but first…
– Why not?
– Now or never
– Lemonade (y’know, like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade)

Then I looked at my stickers and realised that it was actually impossible for me to create some of these, either due to lack of letters or space (my notebooks are baby A6 size). The holographic stickers are quite large, but you get a lot of sheets whereas the leatherette stickers are smaller but more limited.

It was time for a bit of planning – I counted out how many letters I needed of each and estimated how much space they would use on the notebook and thought about alignment/placement (duh, I’m a Graphic Designer after all). Who knew decorating notebooks would be so technical? Then I got brave…

Some people have lucky pants… I have a lucky notebook, well I do now anyway. These holographic stickers are soo mesmerising to look at, right? I figured that I could go large on the bigger notebook and then try a minimal initial look on the gridded Ola notebook:

Oh so pretty, right? I love my initials being NN – it just looks so symmetrical and I’ll be kinda sad to lose that if/when I get married.

For the 3D, leather like stickers I was feeling a lot more pressure. I had duplicates of most letters, but not all and with a blog name like Graphique Fantastique that made things tricky. Initially I wanted to try a four letter word on 2 lines e.g. LOVE or something, but despite thinking it looked cool it was a bit cheesy for my liking. Instead I decided on a nod to my french influenced blog name, positivity and repetition. Repeat after me; YES YES YES…

Whilst moving things around I just happened to rest the full set alphabet sheet on top of the yellow notebook and thought ‘Wow, that would look pretty awesome… but can I justify using 26 stickers on 1 notebook?’. Naturally I turned to my Instagram stories for public opinion and just when I’d convinced myself that I shouldn’t do it, Rosh messaged me to express her excitement. So…

… I did it. Not going to lie, it was a bit of a pain to line up, but I have no regrets – I think it looks awesome! Do you think I’m an idiot? ha Just wanted to mention that these 3D stickers are a bit padded, so not only do they LOOK 3D but they actually ARE. I still have lots of spares so I’m thinking of adding some to my phone case too!

I’m pretty happy with my new fancy notebooks, what do you think? Will you be grabbing some alphabet stickers to personalise yours soon? Let me know if you find any other cute stickers btw – I still have 30+ notebooks looking for some loving!

Hope that you guys are enjoying National Stationery Week as much as I am 🙂 In celebration I’ve filmed a Papergang unboxing – it’s my favourite box so far so definitely head over to my Youtube channel to watch it (or I’ve embedded it below):

Oh I spoil you guys 😉

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY? Now it’s time to get those stickers out and show your old notebooks some loving 🙂 On a side note, thanks for all of the love on my National Stationery Week content – I’ve loved creating it and now I’m loving all of your reactions!

HANDS UP if you’ve already got those alphabet stickers in your shopping basket…? hehe

This post is a collaboration with Ohh Deer – I was kindly gifted some items to create this post. Thank you to Ohh Deer for supporting me & allowing me to create fun content to celebrate National Stationery Week. As always, all opinions etc are 100% my own – I love everything featured!

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  • Just Creative Julia

    21/06/2017 at 11:06 am

    This looks amazeballs! I’m loving the holographic and 3D effects. Will be putting these stickers on my wish list! Will certainly be taking your idea for phone cases. Fab fab fab! 😀

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