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Anyone who follows my Instagram feed will know about my love of art, more specifically wall art; art in the wild. I’ve been photographing it since I moved to London 3 years ago and it’s definitely one of my favourite things about living in a creative city. Walking down a street and discovering a new piece of art is such a buzz – it’s the simple things in life, hey? And much to my delight things change pretty quickly around here, so there’s always something new waiting just around the corner!

Art is amazing. Everyone has the ability to be creative, but not everyone acts on it. I think sometimes people forget that creativity takes time – it takes hours to paint a wall or a scarf, like the one I’m wearing here by artist Ruth Dent. Enclosed with the L’Hiver (french for the winter, my favourite season of the year) scarf from Ruth’s Te Deum Season series, I found a handwritten card that read:

‘Owning a piece of art is special, as you give it a new life and meaning. When wearing L’Hiver I hope you will feel joyful and inspired.’

Artists share their work to inspire and bring joy to others and it honestly pains me so much when I see people sharing an artist’s work without credit.

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Top: Ruth Dent (Scarf worn as top) |  Jeans: M&S |  Shoes: Topshop |  Sunglasses: Pop Vintage

A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to do a London wall guide blog post and I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while. On one hand I love discovering and sharing cool walls (ALWAYS credited) with my followers and praising the artists, but I see so many walls go uncredited on Instagram that I had to ask myself: ‘Do I want to create a guide that makes this kind of bad behaviour easier?’. It takes two seconds to credit and tag an artist, yet so many people fail to do so (but they probably tag a brand without a second thought). I’ve got the guides ready to go in my drafts, but I’m still undecided.

I’m not the wall art police, but it really makes me sad and wonder about the relationship that we have with art as a society. Is it because we’re so used to admiring art from afar; on a wall in a gallery, standing still and silent. It feels like there are a lot of rules dictating how we should experience it, but street art has definitely changed the way I enjoy art.

What if you could touch, manipulate or even eat it? Like, literally ingest the art.

What if we could wear a piece of art and feel fully immersed in the emotions and feelings of the brush strokes or splatters? As a creative person I express myself not only on paper or on screen, but in the clothes I wear. When I saw Ruth’s scarves I wanted to wear them, and so that’s what I did:

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What better way to spend a sunny Saturday than wandering the back streets of Camden with my North London wall connoisseur and photographer, Rosh (follow her on Instagram for all of the best walls in London!). In Stucley Place we found this magical piece by Lora Zombie – the colour palette matched the scarf perfectly.

So how did I feel? I actually felt great; inspired, free spirited and calm (which is actually rare because I’m definitely more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it). The sun was shining and I had Rosh on hand to tell me jokes and make me giggle whilst the rest of Camden tried to snap Lora’s wall. It felt like we were miles away, whilst in reality I was standing 2 seconds from Camden’s crowded high street wrapped in a scarf wrapped in artistic energy.

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How do you feel about art and creativity? Would you consider swapping your breton stripes for a piece of art? Just imagine a world of walking talking canvases… bumping into a Jackson Pollock in Tesco.

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with In The Window who showcase and support talented creatives, but as always opinions are 100% my own.

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