Campari Creates: Designing my own bottle

Cocktails along the canal; sounds ideal, right? And it was, thanks to Campari’s cute little red boat moored at Granary Square – red is my colour of September btw. To get into the spirit (get it?) I even dressed ‘on brand’ to match the giant stripey typographic installation by design duo Eley Kishimoto… because if I can’t wear these flares during London Fashion Week, when can I?

Whether you’re more into LFW or LDF, you can’t go wrong with a cocktail on the canal and luckily for us creatives the Campari boat is going to be just beside designjunction until the 24th September. Handy or what?

Leather Jacket – Zara (old)  |  Flared leggings – c/o Pretty Little Thing  |  Silver Bag – Paul’s Boutique

But anyway, back to the boat fun. Campari had invited Emma & I down to join one of their workshops and it was right up our street. Joined by fellow creatives Rosh and Ella, we sipped cocktails and enjoyed the view before settling down to the task in hand; designing our own bottle of Campari.

Our workshop host, Dee, talked us through some Campari design history and suggested a few considerations for our creations including repetition, colour and minimalism vs maximalism. If you follow any of us on Instagram I think you’ll already know that we’re definitely more is more kinda gals!

Italian design is some of the most striking and sophisticated in the world – you might remember the little lesson in Italian Graphic design thanks to paper manufacturers Fedrigoni. But if not, basically monochrome, patterns and typography – the Italians can do it all. Campari has quite a rich design history as a brand and it wasn’t too long before I was drooling over a page of colourful logos in a booklet!

With the sun setting and a few sips of my Campari Fizz, I could’ve been in Milan. I’ll be honest, it’s not my usual Friday night tipple but as it’s a sophisticated Italian apéritif and not really suitable for shots, you can let me off on that one! And whilst we’re talking about it, I learnt from the Campari team that an apéritif is a drink you have before your meal to stimulate your appetite. Well, spoiler alert… it works because by the end of the evening I was starving! It all makes sense now – Italians can manage a big bowl of pasta because they’ve prepared their bellies with an apéritif.

To take my mind off food, I should probably tell you a bit more about the workshop. Because we take design seriously, we separated our shapes into piles to assess the situation and sort our plan of action. Emma took an instant liking to the semi-circles creating an abstract pattern effect:

Outfit photos thanks to Ella Masters

If you spotted the triangle stickers, then there’s no prizes for guessing what I went with… (although I was definitely tempted by the chevrons!)

So it might’ve taken us a bit longer than the 1 hour workshop slot, but voila… our visions came to life. Designs left to right: me, Emma, Ella, Rosh. What do you think to our bottles? I’d LOVE to design special edition bottles (btw if anyone’s reading ha) – such an unusual canvas.

It was such a fun evening: watching the sunset whilst we chatted about life & customised our Campari – mine is now sitting pride of place on our alcohol shelf. I wish I was cool enough to say that I have a bar cart, but sadly not just yet!

Overall it was the perfect mix of design and inspiration (aka cocktails), AND I didn’t trip on my trousers and fall in the canal – I was actually quite concerned that this might happen. To top it all off, I headed home to an amazing Carbonara cooked by my lovely boyfriend. Bellissimo! It’s a hard life, hey?


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