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OK, confession time: I’m not really much of a pretty white houses kinda gal, but when in West London and all! On Tuesday Bloom and Wild invited me to a flower arranging workshop at the Artists Residence (near Victoria), so I donned my best sleeves in preparation for a floral afternoon with a Matisse inspired twist. I think I’m getting better in front of the camera now?

Art at heart

Yes, we’re talking Henri Matisse the colour loving artist as Bloom & Wild are just about to release some bouquets inspired by the 3 women in his life. It’s a collaboration with the Royal Academy who are currently hosting an exhibition about the studio behind the magic; Matisse in the studio. Rosh & I checked it out the other month but made the mistake of going on a Friday evening… silly us! It’s open until 12th November 2017 if you want to see it for yourself by the way.

In tribute to Matisse I wore my newest statement earrings from Oliver Bonas – I don’t know what they’re inspired by but the shapes kind of remind me of Matisse’s later work of the cut out collages. Do you see it?

Pink Frill sleeve Jumper – Oliver Bonas  |  Black denim pinafore – Next  |  Black boots – Topshop  |  Silver Mini Bag – Pauls Boutique  |  Faraha Statement Earrings – Oliver Bonas

And just in case you’re not familiar with Bloom & Wild, listen up: if you want to send some gorgeous flowers via the post to a lovely person, Bloom & Wild is the best way to do it. I have sent several bouquets to my Mum (hello Mother’s day) and Sister via these guys and they make it super easy. All of the bouquets are named after women, come in a variety of colours and price ranges AND, most importantly, can fit through a letterbox so you know they’re guaranteed to reach your lucky loved one.

P.S. Sorry/Thanks to whoever’s beautiful doorway this is.

Outfit shots by Ella Masters

Anyway, on to the workshop: it was time to get creative! We had Brenda and Rachel from Bloom & Wild on board to give us a bit of background about Matisse, the ladies in his life (his wife Lydia, daughter Marguerite and muse Amelie) and the flowers.

So what did I learn? Well similarly to Graphic Design, in Floristry you should always start with a grid; a grid of foliage in this case, of course. Once you’ve got a nice green foundation then you can start to add in the colour. Now, because my motto in life is basically ‘More is more‘, I opted for a bit of everything.

Channeling my inner-Matisse, I wanted all of the colours and all of the shapes! I was totally in love with the autumnal colour palette; dark purples, oranges and a pop of yellow. Those yellow Lilies were beautiful and so unusual – they almost looked too good to be real if that makes sense?

Looking around the room at the other girl’s vases it was really interesting to see our different styles in terms of height, textures and colours. We joked about inventing a flower arranging personality test – like a true artist trying to rationalise every decision!

Sticking with my motto, I added more and more until I was happy with the below:

Et voila: my colourful and a bit bonkers masterpiece. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural born florist, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s sitting on the table next to me as I’m writing this and is definitely helping to brighten my flat on this grey London day.

Fun fact to put a smile on your face – after the workshop I met Ella and the flowers came along for coffee, on the bus to Bond Street and to get colour matched for a new foundation in Boots. Nobody really battered an eyelid to me walking around with this giant vase of flowers – I guess there are stranger things happening on Oxford Street!

Feeling floral? Or maybe you’re inspired to create some cut out collages? There’s just one question: what would Matisse do?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but I was kindly invited by Bloom & Wild for an afternoon of floral fun – as always all opinions & enthusiasm for letterbox flowers are 100% my own. 


    • Natasha Nuttall

      23/11/2017 at 11:25 am

      This was the first time I’ve actually felt good about my floral arrangement skills so YAY for that! I put it down to the amazing colourful flowers and Matisse 😛 x

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