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November: Black

So Halloween is just about over, but black is here to stay! The clocks have gone back but the nights are still drawing in and it seems to get dark at 4pm now!? I don’t really mind though as even though I love the colours of the rainbow, I love black too. I was thinking about my relationship with black the other day as even though I’m a colour lover, I often find myself dressed head to toe in black. It’s quite a juxtaposition if you look at my inspirations and Instagram, both bursting with colour. But black can be all kinds of contradicting feels; sad, smart, sexy, invisible, powerful.

More to black than meets the eye

Here’s a surprising little bit of colour theory for you… black and white are often seen as being a lack of colour BUT actually this isn’t true! In fact white IS an absence of colour and black is the presence of ALL colours. That’s right, black is actually the most colourful of them all… the irony! But if you’ve ever mixed several different paints together you might’ve ended up with a brown, so it makes sense that in the end it would turn black.

And did you know that there are tones of black? And I’m not talking about 50 shades of grey. Black can also be red, blue and green. Let me explain..,

I was visiting the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy when I stumbled across a set of black canvases. They really stood out, surrounded by the likes of Pollock and Rothko, and so I was drawn in for a closer look. The artist behind the confusion was Ad Reinhardt, who spent the last 10 years of his life painting these mind boggling black canvases. At first glance they appear to be just canvases painted black BUT they are actually composed of black and nearly black shades. A bit of patience and you can see it… and then you can’t un-see it. The paintings are a discussion: can be such a thing as an absolute, even in black?

Black is the new black

So I think we can all agree that black is clever. Probably the most clever of all the colours (I guess it does have ALL of the other colour’s brains combined) and it is so versatile. It can be chic and understated; it can be grungy and dramatic; it can be safe and invisible. It can be whatever it wants to be. This is a bold statement, but it’s probably the most used colour in the world!? But just think about it – I’m right. Even these words that you’re reading now are black.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on the lovely things I’ve picked below – I already own 6 of the 11 things featured and it feels a lot more like old school blogging style recommendations rather than a wish list (although the rest I am eyeing up). It feels good to share items that I use everyday and really do love so that you can love them too!

I think that’s enough black for thought. Just one last thing; don’t forget that it’s everyone’s favourite Friday of the year in November; Black Friday. But December will be here faster than we realise so don’t spend your pennies all at once…

Colour Calendar

1. Tassel Cushion: One Nine Eight Five – £125
2. Bloom noir house terrarium: Paperchase – £20
3. Googly Eye earrings: Naomi Hope Designs via Etsy – £20
4. Pegboard with letters: Paperchase – £12.50
5. Shimmer cat ear socks: Oliver Bonas – £6
6. Limited edition Karma Sutra print by Dave Buonaguidi: Print Club London – £50
7. Black pleated wrap culotte playsuit: New Look – £24.99
8. Stars embroidered ankle boots: Mango – £69.99
9. SanDisk connect wifi stick 16GB: Amazon – £24.99
10. Anke soft touch wall clock: – £14
11. ‘Misery is all the rage’ Tshirt: Life Club via Etsy – £13.50

Never thought I’d say this, but make some room for black in your life – it will surprise you.

And I’ll see you in a few weeks for more colour loving! Any ideas for December’s colour calendar? Let me know 🙂

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