Colour Calendar: April

Colour Calendar Yellow

April: Yellow

Spring is here… or at least it should be, but the chill in London is saying otherwise.

But with positive thinking and all, for me spring time is all about yellow – think daffodils, baby chicks and sunshine. Ahhhh, sounds lovely doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly the kind of affect that yellow can have on your mood as it’s known for being an energising and happiness inducing colour. It’s smiles all round!

Only for the brave

When it comes to wearing colour, yellow seems to be considered the most scary and least popular choice. I can totally understand why – it’s a bold statement and a bit too in your face for most, but I have noticed that mustard and lemony tones are very on trend at the moment with yellow suits and denim proving popular. As someone that used to dress in all black, yellow is a big step out of my comfort zone but I’ve subconsciously warmed to it (colour psychology at work!) and feel a lot happier with a pop of colour in my everyday.

Hello to yellow

I’ve recently been repping a bright yellow handbag (spot it on my Instagram) and I’ve been surprised by the reaction; I’ve had a lot of compliments and everyone seems to love it! I’ll be honest, at first I was scared to wear it – from a practical point of view it’s a bit of a nightmare to keep clean and it’s not the best idea to advertise where all of your belongings are, especially living in London. However I’m hoping that it will have the opposite effect and will dazzle any horrible people. It seems to be working ok so far, and only attracting happy smiley people!

For some of those good feel vibes treat yourself to something yellow this month:

Colour Calendar April

1. UK Double Memory Foam Mattress: Eve – £599
2. Lost in Milan city guide: Amazon – £9
3. African pattern phone case: Pattern Party Cases via Etsy – £14.99+
4. ‘Sweet as honey’ yellow striped top: H&M – £8.99
5. Circle cross body bag: Marks and Spencer – £19.50
6. ‘Up to no good’ framed wall art: Oliver Bonas – £55
7. Splatter cushion: Habitat -£40
8. Pom pom earrings: H&M – £6.99
9. Work hard & be nice to people print: Anthony Burrill – £50
10. Lemon slice salt & pepper shakers: H&M – £9.99
11. Pencil Socks: Lucky Dip Club – £8
12. Denim Jacket: Monki – £50

Yellow is playing a bigger part in my life than I realised this month; I couldn’t resist treating myself to the Pencil socks ready for National Stationery Week (at the end of the month) and my trip to Milan (for Milan Design Week – I’m very excited) – best get my hands on that Lost in Milan guide too, eh? Also, after reading up on national bed month in March, I’ve been considering investing in a new mattress as I’ve been struggling to sleep recently. The eve mattress looks like the front runner at the moment and it’s also a brilliant sunshine yellow – any memory foam mattress owners out there who’d like to share their sleep experience? Tweet me your tips!

So are you feeling mellow about yellow or as happy as Larry? Let me know your favourite yellow items and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for my Milan adventures!


    • Natasha Nuttall

      12/04/2018 at 5:29 pm

      It’s a cool twist on the more traditional black & white stripey tshirt, eh? Ahh I’m glad Lauren – Yellow is a great mood lifter for sure 🙂

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