Engagement story

Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Above is the last photo taken of Jack & I before he got down on one knee and popped the question – WE’RE ENGAGED!

It’s been over 3 years since our last Holiday (to Dubrovnik) so a break from reality was wayyyy overdue. We booked a mid-week mini break in Margate with our friends Emma & Josh for some sea air. I thought I could read Jack like a book, but I honestly had no idea that he was going to propose in Margate! I’d even been through his bag on the morning of the proposal looking for something and completely missed the ring box ha

The Romance

Jack & I met at the University of Lincoln in 2010. His first memory of me is from the first day of our course, where our tutors handed out blue and red folders with information. All of my friends had blue folders but I ended up with a red one and I was worried that the colour of the folder would determine which group we’d be timetabled into. With that in mind, somehow I managed to persuade Jack to swap his blue one with me. The colour of the folder actually had no importance, but it got us talking!

After 3 years of University and another 5 years of ‘adulting’ together through good times and bad, I’d started to wonder if we’d be getting engaged anytime soon – I’m not getting any younger! At the beginning of the year Jack measured my finger so naturally I started to get a bit excited… but 6 months later and no sign of a ring, I’d almost given up on the idea of it becoming a reality any time soon. Little did I know… ha

The Proposal

On the Wednesday we’d had a great afternoon at Dreamland and then headed back to the airbnb to chill for a bit before going out for dinner. We’d left George (the dog) inside for a couple of hours so Jack suggested we take him for a walk by the sea. A quick change of clothes and the 5 of us headed out as the sun was beginning to set.

Engaged by the seaEngaged in Margate UK

When we got to the Lido, Jack asked Josh to take a photo of us together (which I thought was a bit odd as we never really do photos together) and then he pulled me in for a hug and started saying lots of really nice things to me, which I was confused about at first. He was being very serious and it clicked – ‘Oh wow… I think this is it!’, and sure enough he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and overwhelmed, trying not to cry, that I think I actually forgot to say yes for about 10 seconds – probably the longest 10 seconds ever, sorry Jack.

I was totally speechless (which is VERY rare) and didn’t know what to say for a good 3 hours. It was such a weird feeling – it didn’t feel real! But it was, and it was (as cliche as this sounds) perfect so major brownie points to Jack.

We headed back to the airbnb for some bubbles to celebrate and when we eventually headed out for dinner, we remembered that it was 9.40pm on a Wednesday in Margate and everywhere was closed – silly Londoners! With 6 minutes to closing, Jack & Josh ran halfway across Margate to Aldi for booze whilst Emma & I ordered a chinese takeaway.

Engagement story selfie

You’re probably thinking ‘How do you have these photos though!?”… luckily we had some highly skilled photographers on hand to capture our special moment – Emma & Josh (and George). Unknown to me, Jack had given them a heads up and asked them if they minded because he didn’t want to ruin their holiday – awww. Luckily they didn’t mind, and I was the only one that had no idea what was planned. It might seem like they had to be quite close to get these shots, but we were in our own little bubble and I honestly forgot they were there until I turned around and Emma was like ‘EEEEEEEEEEEK!’.

I’m so so pleased they were our secret agent photographers – now I can remember the moment forever!

The Location

Our lovely airbnb, The Well, looked out onto the sea, with Cliftonville Lido just a short walk. Unfortunately it’s abandoned now; the pool has been filled in with concrete but the ‘Lido Sands’ tile mosaic is still hanging in there. I love the simplicity and bold colours – even if it is falling to pieces, it’s still beautiful in my eyes and a great piece of history.

I loved it, even before it became a special place…

Lido Sands Margate EngagementMargate Lido Sands

How cool is this vintage postcard of the Lido in it’s former glory? Golden Memories indeed.

The Lido was the perfect place for our special moment – quiet, beautiful but a bit rough around the edges and colourful, thanks to the lovely sunset.

Sunset Engagement

The ring

So I guess you wanna know about the ring, right?

We’d actually talked about what kind of ring I might like, because I know I can be fussy and my face is very expressive so it’s hard to hide my feelings – oops! Ha As a girl that doesn’t wear rings, I wanted something simple and quirky – definitely not blingy or crazy expensive. Ella & I had actually been looking at some antique Victorian rings by Aninna Vogel in Liberty London, because sometimes a girl’s just gotta try some rings on! Nothing was quite right though, and at that point I realised that Jack had his work cut out.

The boy did GOOD. I’d already said yes before he’d opened the box (I was always going to say yes), but I really really love my ring. It’s perfect and so thoughtful – he didn’t say until we were on the train back to London, but Jack actually ‘designed’ it himself at 77 Diamonds London; from the ring style and colour to the stone cut, colour and setting.

He chose a pear cut diamond (very untraditional for an engagement ring apparently) so that when it was set into the ring, it became a triangle. Just writing that I started to tear up (oh dear), because we all know how I feel about triangles! So thoughtful – there are no words. It’s so sparkly (but not in a blingy way though, phew) that when it hits the light you can see lots of different colours inside it – perfect for a rainbow lover like me! For the ring, he chose a simple band that tapers in where it meets the diamond and is super flattering on my finger (and I don’t have the most delicate fingers).

The Wedding

After ‘Can I see the ring?’, the next question everyone asks is ‘When’s the wedding?’. I honestly find this such a weird thing to say when we’ve been engaged for like 5 minutes! How do you even pick a date anyway? I’m not a girl that’s been planning my dream wedding since I was 5 or anything like that, so it’s really quite an alien world to me. I’ve just about got my head around the catch 22 of needing to set a budget, but needing to know how much things cost to set a budget.

We’d already chatted about what we might want our wedding to be like before we got engaged but now that it’s real, it’s different! Like most people of our age and living situation, we don’t have a lot of savings and so realistically we’re not going to be able to get married (how we’d like to) for at least 3/4 years (I think). I can confirm that I’ve started my wedding Pinterest board though (it’s on private for now) and I’ve been watching Say Yes To The Dress for inspiration, pass me the tissues! Oh, I also ordered my first copy of Rock n Roll Bride magazine, so just I’m dipping my toe in at the moment and trying not to feel completely overwhelmed.

I’m not in a rush to have a wedding anyway and it’s going to take me a while to get used to calling Jack my fiancé. It’s still sinking in – the magical feeling hasn’t worn off and I’m finally used to wearing a ring!


  • Chloe

    07/09/2018 at 12:46 am

    Congratulationssssss, loved reading all these details, sounds like the perfect evening and the ring is beautiful! So happy for you guys 🙂 xxx

    • Natasha Nuttall

      07/09/2018 at 6:28 am

      Thaaaanks lovely! I just wrote what I would have wanted to know about – love being nosey haha As much as I hate to say it (cos it’s a total cliche)… it was perfect haha xx

  • Jo Clutton

    18/09/2018 at 8:31 pm

    Brilliant, Natasha! Congrats. And what a lovely fellah you’ve got there!

    Jo Hampshire

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