Matches & Murals: Painting in Shoreditch

Mural Jacqueline Colley Aleesha Nandhra

At the start of the year I painted my first mural – a bright burst of colour inside my co-working space in Camden. I instantly caught the painting bug and wanted to work on more painting projects (and luckily had the opportunity with Hattie Stewart and recently as an artist in residence with West Elm), so when Jacqueline Colley posted a call out for some painting help on her Instagram I volunteered straight away.

Strike it lucky

Originally I was just going to lend Jacqueline a hand, but she kindly offered me the chance to paint my own mural piece alongside her and fellow Illustrator Aleesha. Jacqueline and Aleesha started painting on Friday but I couldn’t make it to paint until Monday as I was in Margate. After seeing the ladies posting progress shots I knew I should follow their lead and join the theme of matches.

Armed with a circular placemat and some painting essentials (clingfilm and baby wipes ha) I headed to meet Jacqueline on Rivington Street in Shoreditch. When I arrived I was met by two new friends… a pool of vomit and Mr. Bunny. Who said being a street artist was glamourous? I said goodbye to the sick (I knew those baby wipes would come in handy) and Mr. Bunny – I’ve probably started some beef with a paste up artist now!? Soz. (Just to clarify – we had permission to paint here and Mr. Bunny didn’t!)

Mural Painting in ShoreditchPainting a Mural in London

Colourful concept

Jacqueline had chosen a bright and fun colour palette (Lilac, yellow, coral and green) for us all to use – perfect to brighten up this dreary corner of Rivington Street in Shoreditch.

To continue the matches theme I decided to create a bold, graphic pattern of polka dots like those on the side of match boxes – the strike paper. I thought it was a good contrast to the ladies detailed illustrative styles, and naturally opted to use every colour from the palette! I used the circular place mat (that I’d brought from home) as a template to speed up the process and get some dot action underway…

Painting a Mural in London

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✨ Strike it lucky ✨ Painted my first outdoor mural today in Shoreditch with the super talented @jacquelinecolley & @aleesha_n 💪🏼🎨✨ Category is… match boxes, so I painted a rainbow strike paper inspired pattern to sit between the 2 illustrative pieces 😍🔥🌈 I cleaned up sick and probably started some beef with a paste-up artist (whose work I painted over, soz)… so you could say I suffered for my art 😅👍🏼🤢 Thanks so much to @globalstreetart for the space and @jacquelinecolley & @aleesha_n for letting me join their painting crew – we're available for future mural collabs 💁🏻🌈😜 P.S. please snap some pics & tag us if you happen to pass it!

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Jacqueline Colley Mural LondonJacqueline Colley Mural

Jacqueline set herself a challenge by drawing some beautiful detailed match boxes inspired by a collection from her travels in America (you can read more about it on her blog), so it took her a couple of days in total to complete. I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth the effort though as it looks amazing!

We’ve been enjoying some unusually warm weather for October – the sun was still shining, but unfortunately it was blocked by the tall buildings surrounding us. There was also quite a chilly breeze, and Jacqueline & I both agreed that our next murals should be indoor ones whilst enjoying some soup to keep us warm. Painting is always better with a team and I loved spending some time chatting about creativity with Jacqueline and Aleesha.

Three is a magic number

5 and a half hours later et voila: Mr. Bunny was transformed into a rainbow polka dot pattern!

Mural Jacqueline Colley Aleesha Nandhra Natasha Nuttall Natasha Nuttall Graphic Mural Painting

I was even dressed to match with my white overalls, green striped top and pink converse! It felt so good to finish and see it all come together – I didn’t get any paint on my overalls either.

Natasha Nuttall Mural ShoreditchMural Jacqueline Colley Aleesha NandhraNatasha Nuttall Mural Artist

Using the stencil for my dots definitely saved me a lot of time and gave me a consistent size which was great because I know that drawing it all freehand would’ve really stressed me out.

Painting a Mural in ShoreditchMural Jacqueline Colley Aleesha Nandhra

Left – Jacqueline Colley, Centre – Natasha Nuttall, Right – Aleesha Nandhra

If you’re in Shoreditch this week (23rd to 28th October) then pop by Rivington Street to hopefully see our mural! Place your bets on how long it will last untagged, eek! ha It’s a street art-eat-street art world out there so the reality is that it won’t last very long… but we had fun painting it and fingers crossed it’ll be the first of many! Wanna hire us to paint a mural? Get in touch!!

Thanks to Global Street Art for the space, and again thanks to Jacqueline & Aleesha for letting me paint with them!


  • Rebecca Ellis

    23/10/2018 at 2:10 pm

    I have to say; I really admire you for this. I’ve never been much of a painter, but I love art and your pieces are so eye-catching! I love the colours x

    • Natasha Nuttall

      23/10/2018 at 2:19 pm

      Aww thanks Rebecca! Painting with a paintbrush is actually really out of my comfort zone (I much prefer a roller and masking tape) so it was a bit scary if I’m honest but I like a challenge! Yes, Jacqueline picked an amazing colour palette didn’t she? Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m painting again 🙂 x

  • Katrina Sophia

    24/10/2018 at 5:47 pm

    This mural is gorgeous, and all three illustrations go together really well! I love the colour scheme and matches theme. I have had a read of your other posts on painting with Hattie and artist in residence – I absolutely adore your creations and well done on grabbing these opportunities!

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