Confidently Colourful: How to style colour

After sharing my Style Journey (how I introduced more colour into my wardrobe), I felt it was only fair to help get you guys started with some tips on how to style colour. I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best ways to get on board with colour, even during the misery of winter! Full disclosure: some of the links are affiliate links which means if you do decide to make a purchase I’ll receive a small percentage (usually less than 10% so think of it as a tip). And anyway, you don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe – the items I’ve included are just for inspiration, so get creative!

Dressing in colour isn’t about asking for attention; it’s about feeling good. Since I’ve welcomed more colour into my outfits I’ve felt a boost in my confidence and moods – I feel creative in a new way. Which reminds me, the #confidentlycolourful hashtag on Instagram is continuing to spread rainbow vibes! Feel free to join in alongside some of the internet’s most colourful:

Colourful style hashtag


The Accessible Accessories

Let’s start small because I know that being bold can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! I think the easiest way to introduce some colour into your wardrobe is via accessories. These are the statement items that you swap in and out to really make an outfit; jewellery (yay – statement earrings!!), bags and socks. Yes, don’t forget about your socks!

Statement Earrings

Night Time Holiday  |  Julia de Klerk via Etsy  |  SuperMoon via Etsy
|  Lual Boutique via Etsy  |  Baked by Lou via Etsy


Add colour to my wardrobe

Oliver Bonas  |  Happy Socks  |  Monki  |  Happy Socks    |  Topshop

I used to play it safe and buy all my accessories in black, but I pushed myself to buy a yellow bag last year and haven’t looked back – I’ve got an orange one too! I’ve been really surprised by how much this addition has changed my attitude to my wardrobe – I’ve worn colour combinations that I never knew could work.

Colourful Bags

Pauls Boutique  |  H&M  |  Accessorize  |  River Island  | Pauls Boutique

Autumn is creeping in at the moment, so we’ve got bright sunshine with a chilly breeze – the perfect weather for adding a pop of colour via seasonal accessories; sunglasses, scarves and hats. I bought some red circular sunglasses in the summer and am still loving them – I feel very cool when I wear them!

Coloured Sunglasses

ASOS  |  Weekday via ASOS  |  ASOS  |  ASOS  |  ASOS

Colourful Winter Hats

Pup Tart  |  Accessorize  |  Oliver Bonas  |  Topshop  |  H&M

 Gap UK  |  Monki  |  Accessorize  |  New Look  |  Oliver Bonas

The Classic Stripe

I’m sure we all have a striped t-shirt somewhere in our wardrobe – it’s a staple that you can’t really go wrong with, eh? I’d put money on it being a classic Breton though – black/navy and white stripe. Am I right? Well next time you’re buying a stripey item, be brave and opt for a coloured stripe as its a super easy and non-scary way to add a splash of colour to an outfit. It doesn’t have to be a full rainbow stripe (although these are popular at the moment!), even trying a green/yellow/red and white stripe is a step in the right direction!

Monki  |  & Other Stories  |  Monki  |  & Other Stories  |   Monki

Colourful style

The Colour Block

One of the most intense ways to wear colour is to pair lots of colours together; I’m sure you’ve heard of colour blocking? It’s bold, but it doesn’t mean that you have to throw every colour you own into an outfit. I would stick to a couple of colours that either compliment or contrast each other – get your colour wheel out (or google it! ha). Think yellow and orange, orange and blue, green and pink – all great combinations

Co-ords and suits are a great way to rock a colour block.. Double denim lilac? No problem!

Pantone x Oasis Fashion

Block Colour

Marks & Spencer  |  Monki  |  Topshop  |  Monki  |  Marks & Spencer

Above I’ve created a little colour palette of pieces that could be mix and matched to create outfits – they’re all bold colours but have an autumnal theme.

Talking of colour palettes; introducing this blue pleather jacket into my wardrobe was quite a turning point. I found myself creating a variety of outfit colour palettes using the jacket as the starting point, although I know a few ladies that build upwards from their shoe choice. Everyone’s brain works differently!

Richard Woods Paper City

If you’re not too sure on mixing lots of block colours together, you can start with just one statement colour. One of my first bold colour buys was these cobalt blue trousers (below) but because they’re such a bright blue I felt a bit scared to pair them with more colour. As you can see, I rocked them with

Lifestyle Blogger London

The Retro Rainbow

Colour is really having a moment, especially the Marmite of the fashion world – rainbow. Hate it or love it, you can’t deny that it’s a fun way to wear colour. Sometimes I say that I’m a walking talking rainbow, and in rainbow stripe I literally am!

How to wear Rainbow

Sugarhill Brighton  |  Monki  |  New Look  |  Oliver Bonas  |  Aesthetic Laundry

So, how are you going to be rocking colour? Are you a colour blocker or a statement earring fan? I can’t wait to see more rainbows on the streets and hopefully on the #confidentlycolourful hashtag too!

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