HOW TO: DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

Space Saving Christmas Tree

Now, I’m not normally one to talk about the C-word in November but 2020 isn’t normal, is it? I’m definitely feeling the need to get into the spirit early… so our Christmas decorations are already up! Let’s talk Trees – decorating the Christmas Tree is a tradition that families all over the world love/love to hate every year. A Christmas Tree helps us to get those festive feels at home in the run up to the 25th, but what happens when you don’t have a lot of space A. to display a tree B. to store a tree for the rest of the year? Our rented flat already doesn’t have a lot of space – wouldn’t a space saving Christmas Tree be a great idea? Well, in 2019 we made one!

As renters, we don’t have a lot of space to display a 3D Christmas Tree so we made a 2D version that can lean against a wall like a photo frame. It’s geometric, bold, minimalist and you can DIY to any measurements! When I posted it on Instagram it proved popular, so I thought I would share a little how to.

Oh, Christmas Tree!

You’ll need:

  • Wooden baton (cut into 3 lengths: 2 the same length for the height and one smaller length for the base)
  • 3 x Straight metal connector (or pieces of wood/brackets – basically some kind of connector)
  • 6 x screws/ nails
  • Wired foliage garlands (number depends on your frame size – we used 6 of these 3 metre garlands from Wilkos)
  • Cable ties
  • Decorations (fairy lights, baubles, tinsel and don’t forget a star for the top!)

Ok, let’s get started:

DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

  1. Cut your wooden baton into 3 lengths – 2 longer for the sides and 1 shorter for the base. The measurements are completely up to you for what you need in terms of how much space you have for your tree etc, but just for reference our wood measured approx 130cm for the sides and 80cm for the base. This meant that our tree is approx 120cm tall.

2. Assemble your batons into a triangle shape on the floor and attach at the three corners using your chosen connector. We used some straight metal strips with holes but you could also use brackets, offcuts of wood to screw everything together or good ol’ fashioned hammer and nails (depending on your DIY level).

3. Your frame doesn’t have to be really neat as you’re covering it in the garlands, so don’t worry about any weird looking edges (we didn’t!). I used the gap between the batons at the top of the tree to slot the first end of the garland into securely before I wrapped the rest of the garland around the frame.

DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

4. With the first garland wrapped around the frame, I attached my star to the top. I used a cable tie through the frame, although you might not need to secure yours depending on your tree topper.

Space Saving Christmas Tree

I trimmed the end of the cable tie with scissors and camouflaged it amongst the garland.

Wrap Star

DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

5. Continue to wrap the garlands around your frame until it is fully covered to the bottom. In 2019 I just tucked the garland ends in to attach them (it’s wire so bendy and a bit mouldable), but for 2020 I used cable ties to secure all of the garlands together into one long length before wrapping it onto the frame. I feel like the 2020 version was a bit easier btw. Just for reference, it took 6 garlands to cover our frame – as you get to the wider section at the bottom the garlands don’t go very far.

All the trimmings

6. And then you’re ready to get creative and decorate! I wrapped our fairy lights around the tree frame and continued the geometric theme by hanging our baubles in diagonal lines:

DIY Space Saving Christmas TreeSpace Saving Christmas TreeDIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

Overall I’m SO happy with how it turned out. I think it’s a fun modern take on a Christmas Tree and a really good option for people with limited space, especially as you can unscrew the frame and essentially flat pack it to store for next Christmas. This is the 2nd year that we’re loving our space saving tree.

In 2019 we displayed our tree close to the floor (on a ledge) but for 2020 our baby is now a toddler so we’ve popped it on top of an IKEA Kallax unit out of small hands harm. Just proves that this style of 2D tree is versatile and can adapt to your living situation year in, year out.

Space Saving Christmas Tree

What do you think? Will you be joining the 2D Christmas Tree crew? Let me know if you do – I’d love to see what you create!

Merry Christmas all!

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