Murals and creative painting projects

Murals are a great way to add personality (and photo opportunities) to a space – from co-working and community spaces to galleries and cafes. I love how murals can transform a space, and enhance how people interact with it.

Roller at the ready! I have worked with Morag Myerscough and Hattie Stewart as a painting assistant, helping to bring their vision to life. As an Artist in Residence, I collaborated with West Elm for London Design Festival 2018.

Get in touch with any collaboration ideas!

Read more about my painting experience in the projects below…

Matchbox Mural Collaboration - Shoreditch, London
Natasha Nuttall West Elm
Artist in Residence - West Elm x London Design Festival
Hattie Stewart NOW Gallery
Hattie Stewart - NOW Gallery, Greenwich, London
Natasha Nuttall
Camden Collecctive Co-working space - Camden, London
IKEA play kitchen DIY
IKEA Duktig Kitchen DIY
Morag Myerscough - Various, London

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