‘J’adore’ means ‘I Love’ in the beautiful language native to the European country of France.

As a graphic design student I am always finding other artist’s work and thinking ‘Wow, I love that!’ and I have decided to start blogging about all the great work that I admire.

This page is like an index page where I will link all posts about artists, in time forming a catalogue of creative inspiration…

A – G
Nick Adam
Greig Anderson
Marian Bantjes
Marion Bataille
Scott Marc Berry
Laura Berglund
Robert Bolesta
Bela Borsodi
Zoe Bradley
Yulia Brodskaya
Craig Damrauer
Tom Davie
Jonathon Davies
Design Monat Graz
Nicole Dextras
Oscar Diaz
Ersinhan Ersin
Gene Federico
Maria Fischer
Kate Forrester

H – M
Sarah Hankinson
Happy F&B
Hatch Show Print
ewlett Packard
Jessica Hische
Michael Hughes
Anna Garforth
Maya Rota Klein
Michelle Lam
Ligature, Loop & Stem
Patricio Murphy

N- S
Sara Nicely
João Neves
ew York Times Style Magazine
Mia Nolting
Axel Peemoeller
Francisca Prieto
Sasha Prood
Martin Pyper
Raquel Quevedo
Ken Rothermich
Jonathan Safran Foer
Isaac Salazar
Ana Serrano
Sandy Skoglund
Rishi Sodha

T – Z
Roland Reiner Tiangco
Sarah Thorne
Tone Ink
Troika – V&A Palindrome
Julien Vallée
Craig Ward
Mark Andrew Webber
Patrycja Zywert

LetterMpress Ipad App
Google Chrome Adverts
Harry Potter Typography
September 2009 Packaging Special
February 2010 Packaging Special
April 2010 Packaging Special
Christmas By Colour
Inspire Me Now
My Boyfriend – Face 37 Type Trump Cards
OSC, Reading


  • Bethan Stritton

    01/02/2011 at 9:21 pm

    What a great idea! Now I am going to have to go and make a cup of tea before I browse through some of these links. Also, your blog is great. I love the fact your so passionate about what you do. Good luck with your graphic design.

  • Bethan Stritton

    08/10/2011 at 9:14 pm

    Hey Tasha! Me again. So strange, I was sitting today thinking about what the French tarnslation is of “I love you” and then foufn my way back to your site where you have answered it for me. Thank you! I hope all is well.

  • graphiquefantastique

    08/10/2011 at 11:39 pm

    Thanks Bethan! Nice to see that you are a returning visitor 🙂 Hope you found some interesting things since your last visit in February?

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