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So here’s something quite scary – if my blog was a human, it would be attending school right now. 7 years and 751 posts. Wow! Every year I write a birthday post saying that I’m surprised that I’ve stuck at it for so long – what a cliche I know, but still it’s true. Sometimes I go through rough patches where I’m uninspired, but I really I can’t imagine my life without blogging. I guess it’s quite...


On the 26th of December 2015 I turned 26 years old. I know, it shocked me too! Age is a funny thing, isn’t it? I mean, I don’t feel 26 at all… but then what does 26 feel like? When I was younger I thought that at 26 I would have a good job, be married and thinking about having babies. I thought I’d have everything ‘sorted’…whatever that means. So things might not have panned out...


Wow! I’ve been at gpstudio for 5 months now! That’s nearly half a year – doesn’t time fly? Friday 4th July 2014 gpstudio will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday, and to mark the occasion we decided to fill our big arch window with an amazing window display. I thought I’d share some behind the scenes snaps from this morning’s installation: Chris and Jo attaching a camera to a lamp post so we can capture the window build –...

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