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6 years ago today I wrote my first blog post. Granted, it’s an awful post – a cheesy introduction about me and why I was starting a blog. It never crossed my mind that anything would come from it… and here we are 625 posts later! I’ve never been able to stick at something for as long as I have stuck at blogging. Blogging has ‘been there’ through some of the most important times of my life –...


Five years ago today, I posted my first (very cringey) blog post… and 4 others! Yes, with all the excitement of a new ‘challenge’, I published 5 posts on the first day. But who’d have thought I’d still be blogging strong 5 years on? A lot of people start blogs but find it hard to keep them up – it takes a lot more planning, preparation, writing and photo editing than people realise. I’ve had...

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Three years old todaaaaay [edit] …. and that is what happens when you pre-schedule posts and forget about them! I was in London with my girls when this was published and Emma got an email notification about it. We was tucking into some amazing food in the Hard Rock Cafe at Green Park at the time, so we toasted to my 3 years of blogging! Cheers!

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