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After a bit of a manic week it was SO nice to sit down and get creative last night at a modern calligraphy class. Team gpstudio graphics (Jo, Nat and myself) have been wanting to learn calligraphy for ages! I signed up to a newsletter letting me know when classes were happening and when Quill London and Lamplighter London posted about an evening class we bought tickets straight away! Hosted in the lovely West Elm Tottenham Court branch (the...


I’ve been feeling a bit lost in life recently, so I decided it was time for a change of scenery for few days. Where did I go for my inspiration vacation? To London of course! I had a few places that I wanted to go but the general idea was to just go on an adventure and discover some cool things. At Kings Cross I bumped into a familiar face who was heading to the...

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Last night I was tagged in something on Facebook by Jake which is pretty cool: 3rd row down on the right is my name, handwritten by none ofther than Seb Lester! Jealous much? My name has never looked so beautiful 🙂 Thanks Seb! To be in with a chance of having your name drawn by Seb you need to Like his Facebook page  and cross your fingers 🙂 Good luck!

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As a female, I am quite interested in Fashion etc… and have been recieving copies of asos magazine (As seen on screen – an online website selling fashion often very similar to those seen on celebrities www.asos.com) regularly for a little while now. In the June 2008 Issue they had a feature about ‘The creatives of tomorrow’; including a model booker, tattooist, gallery director, art director (Ben Freeman who I will mention in another J’adore...

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