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Love travelling but hate being away from home? I’m sure you’ll have heard about airbnb, but have you stayed in one yet? This weekend (16th-19th June) airbnb are opening the door on one of the beautiful London apartments to showcase the airbnb experience. What’s it like being a guest in someone else’s home? Well, let’s find out: Firstly, what an amazing front door. I’ve walked past this house so many times before and never knew it...

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I absolutely love Google Chrome’s new adverts! They are fun, creative, imaginative and quirky – check out the video below to see a KNITTED webpage! It’s weird but so nice to see such modern technology being portrayed by such simple means… They kind of remind me of Maya Rota Klein’s Adobe Photoshop Cook….. pure genius! Awwwwww the pointer is so CUUUUUTE! Nice work Google 🙂

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