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The Little Book of Typographic Ornament is exactly what it says: a small book crammed with decorations for use with typography. Whether that be a pattern, flourish, illustration or border, this book has it all. Arranged into sections, the little book displays over 200 pages of ornaments, and a splash of colour adds some hierarchy to draw the eye. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I love these decorative banners reading ‘bought of’ – it makes...


Last week I was invited to the private view of St Bride Unveiled – the latest must-see exhibit for design, typography and print geeks. The St Bride Foundation was established in 1891 in the centre of the publishing hub on Fleet Street, but of course communication via typography and print go back a long way before then! St Bride is home to a large collection of historical items – I’d love to delve into the archive...

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